Sunday, April 21, 2013

Eats ~ San Francisco

"We had some ham and eggs and took our time saying goodbye to the bright lights."
~ Stanley Kubrick, "Killer's Kiss"

(No official web-site.)

50 Clement Street (on the corner of 2nd Avenue)

phonicular contact: (415) 751-8000

(Just a few more Boston-related EweToob songs for the weekend.)

This morning's breakfastary repast was once again at Eats (see last 'blog-entry from February 9th, 2013). I got there just as they were opening this morning (8:00am, daily) and was one of the first customers there. Even though I had a choice of tables from which to choose, I chose to sit at the window-counter seats which look out onto Clement Street. I had never noticed before that they have transoms[1] above these windows, but as this morning was actually pretty nice, they had them open and it was a pretty comfortable warm breeze coming in.

I have had most of their breakfast choices already so far and was thinking about either the Farmer's Scrambled Eggs (I have had this once before when it used to have kale in the mix, now it has cauliflower instead) or the Spicy Tomato Skillet (which I have also had in the past and really liked; I even renamed it the Spicy Kale Skillet as it had tons of kale in it). However, instead, I ordered something that I had never had before, the Waffle Bacon ~ bacon pressed in a waffle, Cheddar, Hungarian peppers[2], sunny up eggs; potatoes or salad.

I ordered this without the dead, decaying pork belly bits (so, I guess I just got the "Waffle"). I was expecting both the Cheddar and Hungarian peppers to be mixed in the waffle batter already, but this was actually prepared with the cheese and peppers just underneath the eggs that were laid on top (these were just placed atop the waffle, no chickens had to actually sit upon the hot waffle griddle, as that would just have been cruel). This was still very good, I just thought it would have been cool to have them pressed into the waffle maker.

Of course, I chose the Excellent! Roasted Home Potatoes over a stupid side salad, as this is one of the main reasons I keep going back and put Eats into my Breakfastary Rotation. The Excellent! Roasted Home Potatoes only had one (1, eine, une, egy) garlic clove in them this morning (insert stupid frowny-face emoticon here if you like). They were still Excellent!, but they would have been even more Excellenter! with more garlic. I suppose that it really didn't matter as I had no toast to spread them on this morning, anyway.

Eats provides the standard San Francisco Triumvirate of Hot Sauces (SFToHS) for condimentary supplements: Tabasco® Brand Pepper Sauce (the standard red), Tapatío®, and Cholula®. However, I still used some from my own collection. I used a good amount of Serious Food… Silly Prices Sweet Heat (Thanks, Cindy & Greg!) on the Excellent! Roasted Home Potatoes and a little Cherry Republic® KaBOB's Kick’en Hot Sauce (Thanks again, Cindy & Greg!) on the eggs.

Lastly, tomorrow is Earth Day, so please be nice to your Mother.

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: Waffle (ohne/sans/nélkül) Bacon ~ 6.5;  Excellent! Roasted Home Potatoes ~ 7.45 (these are normally a 7.5 GBS Rating, but I am docking them .05 points for just giving me one garlic clove this morning)

1. I have already related this stupid, useless cunning linguist pointer before in the past about "transoms":

However, I will add this (two-fer) stupid, useless cunning linguist pointer of the day, Nummer eins/numéro un/számú:

"Transom" in Hungarian is "keresztfa" and "What is that?" in Hungarian is "Mi ez?". The first word really never came into play while I was in Budapest in December two years ago, but I am sure that the second phrase was probably used about ten times a day.

2. Stupid, useless cunning linguist pointer of the day, a második:

"Pepper(s)" in Hungarian is simply "paprika". This is a diminutive of the Serbo-Croatian word "papar" (meaning "pepper"), which in turn came from the Latin "piper" (“pepper” also).

Is this what makes Buddha such a pest?

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