Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Bistro Restaurant at Cliff House

What is better than one World-Famous, Most Excellent Popover(!) on a somewhat sunny Spring morning?

Three World-Famous, Most Excellent Popovers(!) on a somewhat sunny Spring Sunday morning.

(Today happens to be the 80th birthday of Willie Hugh Nelson. Happy Birthday, Willie Hugh!)

Finishing up my early season workout of my Breakfastary Rotation, I am closing with the Bistro Restaurant at Cliff House (see last 'blog-entry from February 17th, 2013). They open at 8:30am on Sunday mornings (whether it is somewhat sunny or not); I thought that they opened at 9:00am, so I got there "late" for myself for a change. There were already many people enjoying the food and view when I got there, but I was still able to sit at one of the south-facing window tables looking out over Ocean Beach (where I could see that there were lots of dogs and their humans walking and playing along the beach and a few surfers in the water; however, I didn't see any sea lions, seals, porpoises, or whales today).

I didn't bother to take any pictures of their walls of Hollywoodland autographed photos this morning, though. I think that I might have already chronicled them all by now. I may need to look back through my older 'blog-entries and see if I have missed any or if any need to be redone better.

The Bistro (which I am going to call it from here on out for simplicity reasons) really only has a small breakfast menu from which to choose, and I have had most of the items several times over. This morning I again went with Joe's Special Scramble ~ Scrambled Eggs with sautéed Ground Beef, Onions, Mushrooms, Spinach, topped with Parmesan Cheese; served with Fresh Fruit and Roasted Potatoes. I also had a cuppa Peerless Coffee (which was very good and extra strong for a change) and, of course, a basket of their World-Famous, Most Excellent Popovers(!).

Naturally (as Nature would have it with me), I skipped the beef, Clara Peller, but there was lots of fresh spinach in the scramble in its place. This was a decent enough meal, but nothing really extraordinary. My one minor complaint is that they always are a bit stingy with the potato side (there were just two medium-sized red potatoes cut in half this morning). But all of that entirely makes no difference as there were three World-Famous, Most Excellent Popovers(!) in the basket this morning. They will gladly give you more if you ask, but three is usually good enough for me; although I have been know to "force" myself to eat four or five on occasion.

Today's side fruits: strawberries, grapes, cantaloupe, honeydew melon, and watermelon.[1]

Knowing that the Bistro only has Tabasco® Brand Pepper Sauce (the standard red) for condimentary supplements, I used some of my own Palo Alto Fire Fighters Pepper Sauce (Thanks agains, Amys and Brian!) on the potatoes and some CaJohns Fiery Foods Oaxacan Hot Sauce (Thanks, me!) on the scramble mess.

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: Joe's Special Scramble ~ 6.5; World-Famous, Most Excellent Popovers(!) ~ 8.2 

1. Completely unsolicited stupid, useless cunning linguist Zeiger des Tages:

Being a vegetarian, one of the first things I usually learned in a the native language when I was living in a new country is "I am a vegetarian." ("Ich bin Vegetarier." auf Deutsch.) Then I would usually try to learn most of the vegetables ("Gemüse") and fruits ("Früchte") that I liked.

strawberries ~ "Erdbeeren" (“ground berries”)
grapes ~ "Trauben"
cantaloupe ~ "Melone"
honeydew melon ~ "Honigmelone" ("honey melon")
watermelon ~ "Wassermelone" ("water melon"; yeah, sometimes these things aren't really Rocket Surgery)

By the way, I never bothered to learn how to say "broccoli" auf Deutsch, but I am sure it is something like "gemeines Unkraut".

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