Saturday, August 24, 2013

Duboce Park Café

"No man knows till (sic) he has suffered from the night how sweet and dear to his heart and eye the morning can be."
~ Bram Stoker, Dracula, Chapter 4 (1897)

(Just a few Linda Ronstadt[1] songs as a weekend tribute. It's nice to still be able to hear her singing, if not ever again live.)

Breakfast doesn't always have to be at some fancy-shmancy brunchificated joint, sometimes you can get a pretty decent meal at a fancy-shmancy café joint. To prove that point, I simply went to Duboce[2] Park[3] Café this morning. They open at 7:00am Monday-Saturday, and at 8:00am on Sunday, which is perfect for me. They are located on the corner of Duboce and Sanchez Streets (coincidentally enough, in the Duboce Triangle[4] neighborhood). This is the sister café to Dolores Park Café (the original of the three) and Precita Park Café. All three spots have very good locations right across from some fine, prime verdancy[5].

I sat by a large (open) sliding window this morning ~ it was almost like eating outside where they have eight sidewalk tables set up; these seat from two to four people each. I was very happy to see that there were no stupid parklets needed here ("Parklets need not apply."). Of course, due to its location, it is a very dog-friendly place (their humans seem to enjoy it all, too).

Duboce Park Café only offers a few egg-ish dishes for breakfast: bagels (the Thai Bagel ~ peanut butter, red onion, and cucumber ~ which sounded very good), French toast, a few scrambles, and the like. I ended up getting the Breakfast Burrito ~ cage-free scrambled eggs (you just try scrambling your eggs inside a cage), bell peppers, ham, Cheddar, salsa fresca, & sour cream in a flour tortilla (veg. option: sub avocado); served with homefried potatoes.

I also had a cuppa Equator Coffee. I like that they offer both Equator Coffee and Sightglass Coffee; however, I didn't notice that until after I had already received my coffee. I probably would have gone for the Sightglass Coffee if I had known. They are both pretty decent companies either way. I asked the front counter lady which roast was being used today and she could only tell me that it was a "dark roast"… oh-kay.

Needless to say, I opted for the "veg. option" and opted out of the dead, decaying porcine thigh leg meat. This was a decent enough breakfastary burrito, but nothing extremely special. It had lots of chunks of fresh green bell peppers and red onions; I would have liked a bit more avocado in it, though. I bet this would have been much better with some fresh jalapeños or serrano peppers in it.

Duboce Park Café only has Tapatío® for condimentary supplementation. I used some of my own Dave's Gourmet® Ginger Peach Hot Sauce (Thanks, Jim! Hoo-ray for Luray!) on the potatoes and some El Yucateco® XXXtra Hot Sauce Salsa Kutbil-ik® de Chile Habanero (Thanks, Brian! Way to go, San Francisco!) judiciously on the burrito.

Even if dogs could read, do you really think they would be able to discern the direction of the arrows or even pay attention to them if they did? Stupid humans!

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: Breakfast Burrito ~ 6.2; Equator Coffee (Dark Roast) ~ 6.8; Linda Ronstadt (singing and in general)~ 8.2

1. Wanna hear something interesting? Even though Linda Ronstadt really had her heyday way back in the late 70's (and into the early 80's a bit), if you type in the name "Linda" on Wikipedia, hers is the first one to pop up.

A few other famous people with Parkinson's Disease:

(living) Mohammad Ali, Michael J. Fox, and Bob Hoskins

(deceased) Jim Backus (that would be "Mr. Magoo" or "Thurston Howell, III" to you younger punks), Salvador Dalí, James Doohan ("Mister Scott" on the original Star Trek series), Adolph Hitler (yes, THAT guy; however, I can't be sure if it was the Parkinson's Disease that did him in or not), and Charles Schultz

2. You are probably asking yourself, "Just who was this Duboce guy, and why did he like dogs so much?" (well, even if you aren't, you are going to find out, anyway).

Victor D. Duboce was a Colonel in command of the First California Regiment during the Spanish-American War (And why does Spain always get top billing there? They got their butts kicked by us!). He served as a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors after the war.

3. AKA locally and affectionately as "Dog Sh*t Park" (for obvious reasons). This is located near the East Portal of the N-Judah streetcar line.

4. Duboce Triangle is a small neighborhood between the Lower Haight and Castro.

5. Really?! Stupid Bill Gates and his Microsoft Spell-check Nazis did not seem to know this word. Youse guys needs to learn you some gooder English!

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