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Airport Breakfastary Food

Part the First

San Francisco International Airport (Wednesday, 09/04/13)

(The connection for today's EweToob video is simple: check the date.)

Of course, anyone that has ever traveled in the past century (or even the 21st Century) knows that you are automatically subjected to having to eat a meal or two at an airport restaurant somewhere along the way ~ some are better than others ~ but they are all always at least 25% more expensive than a comparable non-airport location. Like stupid parklets, there are really no valid explanations or excuses for this.

On my way out of San Francisco last week for an early morning flight to attend the wedding of my niece, Shannon, and newest nephew-in-law(?), Ryan, (Congratulations, Sheesha & Red!), I ate at Andalé[1] Mexican Restaurant (the one in Terminal 3). Andalé is a local Mexican (small) chain restaurant; I think their original restaurant is in Los Gatos[2]. There were a couple of other good restaurant choices in the same terminal dining area, I just liked their menu choices better.

There were actually several good options on their menu for breakfast: Huevos Rancheros, Omelette a la Mexicana, and even Chilaquiles Guadalajara Style. However, I felt like a Breakfast Burrito (I'm sure that I looked more like an early-morning ass, though) ~ two scrambled eggs, homemade chorizo, Jack and Cheddar cheeses, refried house Mayocoba beans, and potatoes wrapped in a big flour tortilla, with fresh fruit on the side. I also had a glass (well, plastic cup) of guava (guayaba) agua fresca.

I am not sure how they prepare their Mayocoba refried beans, but they offered black beans instead for my vegetarian version of the burrito (and, of course, sin la carne de cerdo muerto y en descomposición). This was made fresh for me as it was the vegetarian version and not sitting wrapped-up and ready to go like the burritos for the stupid carnivores. Surprisingly, this was really not a bad burrito at all as far as airport food goes. The side of fruit comes in a small plastic cup and was cantaloupe (melón), honeydew melon (melón verde), and grapes (uvas). The guava agua fresca was as good as any in the Mission, too.

For condimentary supplementation Andalé actually makes a few of their own fresh salsas, but they also had two different types of El Yucateco® in bottles ~ Salsa Picante Roja de Chile Habanero and Salsa Picante Verde de Chile Habanero (I have had both in the past and they are pretty good; the green is actually hotter than the red for some reason). I used some of Andalé's own fresh salsa roja on my burrito. It was very good, and only gringo hot. I thought it might have been a chipotle salsa, but the chef-cook guy told me it was just a red Serrano chile salsa.

Afterward I got a cuppa Peet's® Pumpkin Latte at their kiosk at the end of the terminal to drink while I was killing time waiting for my plane and walking around looking at all the Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame plaques on display. Just to name a few: Brent Jones (San Francisco 49ers; 2013), Joe Kapp (UC Berkeley/Cal; 2004), Billie Jean King (not quite sure what her connection to the Bay Area is; 2009), Chris Mullin (Golden State Warriors; 2006), Lynn Swann (Serra High School, San Mateo ~ which was the same Bay Area high school that Barry Bonds and Tom Brady went to; 2002), Gaylord Perry (San Francisco Giants; 2009), and Kristi Yamaguchi (born in Hayward, CA; 2004).

Part D'oh!

General Edward Lawrence Logan[3] International Airport, Boston, MA (Tuesday, 09/10/13)

No trip to Boston or New England would be complete without stopping at least once at a Dunkin' Donuts® (actually I had some three times during the week). Dunkin' Donuts®  is a national chain, but there are not any yet in the Bay Area (and I am not sure if there are any in Northern California even).

There are several shops throughout Logan Airport, but I went to the one before the security checkpoint in Terminal C.

Dunkin' Donuts® has ten breakfast sandwiches from which to choose (which isn't that bad really). I had the Egg White Flatbread - Veggie ~ egg white omelet with a slice of reduced fat Cheddar cheese, served on a multigrain flatbread. I also had to get one of their doughnuts (that is the whole idea of going there, after all); I got a Pumpkin Pie Donut. I finished it all off with a cuppa their coffee (I am not sure which blend/roast it was, probably their standard roast).

The veggie egg white omelette is made with diced green and red peppers, diced green onions, and roasted mushrooms (which I am sure were also diced, Andrew). I liked it well enough; this beats your standard Egg-a-muffin any day, Ronald. 

This doughnut was absolutely disgustingly sweet (in the positive sense of the word); I was not surprised by it as I had one earlier in the week and knew it was just horrible enough for me to like it. The filling is a pumpkin pie buttercreme (this is actually how Dunkin' Donuts® has it spelled), and it is topped with a graham crumb topping. Seasonally, they also make a Pumpkin Donut ~ a standard cake-style doughnut (which I had on one of my other visits during the week) and a Pumpkin Muffin (sadly, which I didn't get around to trying this visit).

Dunkin' Donuts® standard coffee roast/blend is pretty good ~ mild, not too strong; it pairs well with sweet doughnuts and such. The coffee cup had a New England Patriots logo on it ("the Official Coffee of…" Seriously?! Somehow I doubt you will ever see Tim Brody or Bill Bellychuck sipping on one, though).

D'oh! I noticed after I had already eaten that I could have eaten at Jerry Remy's[4] Sports Bar & Grill in the same area at the airport. (Plus, they serve Peet's® coffee at this location.)

Glen Bacon Scale Rating
Andalé Breakfast Burrito ~ 6.3; 
Peet's® Pumpkin Latte ~ 6.7; 
Egg White Flatbread (Veggie) ~ 5.5;
Dunkin' Donuts® Coffee ~ 6.0;
Dunkin' Donuts® Pumpkin Pie Donut ~ 6.3

1. Stupid, useless cunning linguist pointer del día, número uno:

In case you have never seen a Speedy Gonzalez cartoon when you were a kid, "¡Andalé!" simply means "Come on!" or "Let's go!" in Spanish.

2. Stupid, useless cunning linguist pointer del día, número dos:

"Los Gatos" in Spanish means "the Cats". The town of Los Gatos is about an hour due south of San Francisco in the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains. "The Cats" here references the indigenous cougars, or they were when the town was settled in the early 19th Century.

3. Yeah, who?!

Edward Lawrence Logan was an American officer in the Spanish-American War. Apparently he was a Southie and that is why they renamed Boston Airport in his honour. I guess they couldn't find any respectable residents of East Boston to name it after.

4. Gerald "Jerry/Rem Dawg" Remy was a former Boston Red Sox Second Baseman (1978-1984) and is currently the colour-guy for Red Sox games broadcast on NESN. He was born in Fall Reev, MA.

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