Monday, September 2, 2013


"Why does man kill? He kills for food, and not only food: frequently there must be a beverage." ~ Allan Stuart Konigsberg

(Still no official web-site)

50 Clement Street (on the corner of 2nd Avenue)

phonicular contact: (415) 751-8000

(In case you are trying to figure out what correlation there is between today's EweToob selections and today's breakfast, well, Colin Hay used to be in the band Men At Work. Get it? Today is "Labor Day" ~ or "Labour Day" up northways in Canadialand. The second song has nothing to do with anything else, I just like it.)

Is it just me, or does it not seem fair that restaurant employees have to work on Labor Day (or Labour Day, eh)?

Continuing with my workout of my Breakfastary Rotation, I went back to Eats (see last 'blog-entry from April 21st, 2013) this morning for breakfast. I sat at the window counter seating overlooking the sidewalk along Clement Street. There are six sidewalk tables (this is new for them in the past year or so) that can seat 2-3 people (and several canine buddies, if you have 'em), so there really is no need for any…

stupid parklet mini-rant of the day

"parklets come to (invade) the richmond!" 


The newest of these urban abominations (and a three-parking spaces one at that) is on Clement Street on the corner of 3rd Avenue. This is another example of completely wasted space: 1) parking is always at a premium all along Clement Street (there are no real nearby public parking garages); and 2) if you really want to enjoy your stupid "Double Vente Mochachino Latte with non-fat Soy Milk and a twist" while sitting outdoors, just get off your fat-assed Yves Laurent-suited bottom and use your damn Gucci-shod feet to walk the seven blocks over to Mountain Lake Park or the five blocks "all the way over" to Golden Gate Park ~ that is what they are there for. If you say, "But what if I don't have time to walk all the way over there?” ~ where did you end up parking your stupid Mercedes or Beemer in the neighborhood as it was?!

Hmmm? Maybe I should petition the city to cement over portions of those city parks for parking spaces.


(mini-rant over, back to breakfast)

Seeing as I have pretty much exhausted all of the items on their menu that are fit for vegetarian consumption, I once again ordered Farmer's Scrambled Eggs ~ (v) mushrooms, corn, zucchini, spring onions, basil, goat cheese, and parsley; comes w/toast & choice of (Excellent!) Roasted Home Potatoes/mixed greens/or side fruit cup. I also had a cuppa Equator Coffee.

I had pretty much decided on this meal or the Spicy Tomato Skillet (which is really good and has a lot of kale in it), but I had just had that one a little more recently. The "v" must stand for "very verdant" as it was all pretty green with most of the ingredients. I noticed that it also included some summer squash (which was not listed, but is still a good addition); this just added to the crunch and freshness from the corn and all. The ingredients tend to change from season-to-season: with kale and cauliflower being in the mix in the past also. I chose multigrain bread for the toast. There was a big chunk/slice of watermelon[1] garnish on the plate that I made sure didn't go to waste either. My only minor complaint (mini-complaint) was that there were just/only two cloves of garlic in with the Excellent! Roasted Home Potatoes this morning. But it is all good ~ luck (or lucklessness) of the draw or such.

Eats offers the San Francisco Triumvirate of Condimentary Supplementation: Tabasco® Brand Pepper Sauce (the standard red); Cholula® Hot Sauce; and Tapatío®. But as Stevie Nicks' dad, Maxell, would say: it really didn't matter as I used some from my own collection that I had brought with me. I used some Hula Girl Chipotle Habanero (Thanks, Jim! I really am enjoying this one; it has lots of flavour and just about the right amount o' heat for me) on the Excellent! Roasted Home Potatoes, and some CaJohns Fiery Foods Oaxacan Hot Sauce (Thanks, Brian! Using up the last of that bottle, too; that makes two down in two days ~ at this rate I should be able to use up the rest of the bottles by early 2034 at least) in with the scramble junk.

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: Farmer's Scrambled Eggs ~ 6.9; Excellent! Roasted Home Potatoes ~ 7.475 (I normally rate these at 7.5 GBS Rating, but I docked them .025 points for only two cloves of garlic)

1. Stupid, useless cunning linguist pointer of the day:

Just because I haven't spammed everyone with one of these in the past few 'blog-entries, here is "watermelon" in a few ferren languages:

Afrikaans ~ waatlemoen (pronounced: "WATTLEmoon" or close enough; I only included this one as historically watermelon is thought to have originated in southern Africa ~ consider that a "stupid, useless horticultural pointer of the day" at no extra charge)
Deutsch ~ Wassermelone (pronounced: "VASSERmelona")
Español ~ sandía
Français ~ pastèque
Greek ~
καρπούζι (pronounced: "karpOOzi")
Hungarian ~ görögdinnye (I will leave that one to Greg Kipe to pronounce for you)
Italiano ~ anguria (pronounced: "ANgooriya")
Russki ~
арбуз (pronounced: "ARbooz")

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