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"When a person puts his best foot forward and gets it stepped on ~ that's life." 
~ Dr. Lawrence J. Peter

Place: SanJalisco
Location: 901 South Van Ness Avenue (on the corner of 20th Street)
Hours: open at 8:00am(???) every day of the week (the reason for the question marks is that they do not have their hours of operation listed anywhere on the web-site; I am only assuming that they open daily at 8:00am ~ a few on-line directories showed that they open at 8:00am ~ but when I arrived there it was just a few minutes after 8:00am and there were already a few tables of people eating, and they had all finished their meals well before my food had even arrived)
Meal: Torta[1] de huevo ~ two large eggs cooked crepe style with onions (cebollas), tomatoes (tomates), & peppers (pimientos) (all breakfast entrées are served with home-made corn tortillas, Mexican rice, and your choice of refried pinto beans, whole pinto beans, or whole black beans); and a large glass (frosted mug, actually) of orange juice (jugo de naranja)

(This EweToobular juxtaselection is simply because today happens to mark the Winter Solstice. 

I tried to mark the Winter Solstice once myself, but people told me that no one likes to eat yellow snow.)

Volví al SanJalisco (see previous 'blog-entry from January 6th, 2013) para el desayunoI can not believe that it has been almost two years since I have eaten breakfast there; however, I have eaten there four or five times for lunch and dinner since then (SanJalisco is usually my "go-to" place to take any out-of-towners para una auténtica cocina mexicana). It should be noted that they no longer have the "™" as part of their name, which they originally had when they were forced to make the name-change a few years back. They probably got sued by those pinche jotos at N*vamex for the illegal use of that "trademark" symbol, too. 

SanJalisco offers many other good desayun-ary ideas: Huevos a la Mexicana (two large eggs scrambled with onions, tomatoes, and green chile peppers); Huevos Rancheros (two large poached eggs on a corn tortilla topped with Monterey Jack cheese & mild home-made red salsa); Omelette Española (filled with onions, peppers, & sautéed in mild home-made red salsa); or Chilaquiles (tortilla bits scrambled with two large eggs, cheese, onions, and salsa; this is just their standard version, they do offer two other styles with the dead, decaying ground-up swine-flesh or poultry-bits). 
Additionally, for any of you carnetarianosthey do offer three weekend "hangover" specials of Caldo de Res (some kinda beefy-broth stew thing), Pozole Rojo Puerco (a stew made with hominy and pork), and Birria de Chivo (a spicy mutton stew, and, apparently, the State Dish of Jalisco).

This was basically a Mexican-style open-faced omelette (or a Spanish version of a thinner, flatter frittata) and it was all pretty good. They didn't have it listed on their menu, but there was also lots of fresh, whole-leaf spinach in it ~ always a welcomed addition. I went with the beany choice of frijoles refritos, Señor Atkinson. There is always the extra-added breakfastary lagniappe of their outstanding, hot, fresh (right off the griddle), home-made corn tortillas.

For pre-bottled hot sauces, SanJalisco has solamente Tapatío® on all of the tables. This really doesn't matter, as their home-made salsa roja is so much tastier. I used it liberally all over the torta and also mixed it in with my frijoles refritos y arroz. The home-made red salsa (that also comes with tortilla chips) is made with four different types of chiles (I asked): jalapeños, serranos, and two other chiles (that I forgot the names of ~ she said them in Spanish ~ I am not really expected to remember todo, am I?). I never even bother bringing any of my own hot sauces with me (¿Cómo se dice "shlep" en español?) when I go there; that would be like going to Newcastle upon Tyne and bringing your own Brown Ale with you.

I skipped any Coffee (o Café) with breakfast this morning on purpose, as I just received a sweet
Christmas swag-package from North Yorkshire (the one in England) earlier this week (Thanks, Greg & Cindy!). It was chock-full-o' good stuff from Bettys ~ there were not only three different kinds of Coffee (Christmas Coffee, Mexican Cloud Forest, and Jamaica Blue Mountain), but a box of Spiced Christmas Tea and several various other tasty sundries (Lemon and Lime Sponge Cake, Spiced Christmas Shortbread, Yorkshire Shortbread, and Florentines). So, I made myself a coupla cuppas the Christmas Coffee to enjoy while typing this 'blog-entry up. (Sure, it would have been more à propos to use the Mexican Cloud Forest, but I don't know how to say "à propos" in Spanish… or French even.)

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: Torta de huevo ~ 6.5; home-made corn tortillas ~ 7.7; Bettys Christmas Coffee ~ 7.6

1. Stupid, useless cunning linguist pointer del día:

"Torta" simply means "cake" in Spanish (as well as in Italian and Portuguese). The word "torta" in Spain is applied to different kinds of bread and pastry products according to the region. The word "tortilla" means a "small torta", while "tortada" means a "big torta".

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