Saturday, January 24, 2015

Bistro Restaurant at Cliff House

"If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away." ~ Hank Davy Thoreau

Place: Bistro Restaurant at Cliff House
Location: 1090 Point Lobos (at the end of the Earth/Ocean Beach)
Hours: open for breakfast Monday - Saturday at 9:00am; open every other day of the week at 8:30am
Meal: Joe's Special Scramble ~ Scrambled eggs with sautéed ground beef (which I passed on, of course), onions, mushrooms, spinach, topped with Parmesan cheese ~ served with fresh fruit and roasted potatoes; a basket of (World) Famous Cliff House Popovers(!); and a cuppa (with two refillas) Coffee (I think they serve Peerless Coffee & Tea®)

(I am pretty sure that this EweToobular song is neither a reference to Buddy Rich nor Mickey Dolenz.)

In closing the pre-Spring Training workout of my Breakfastary Rotation, I headed back to Bistro Restaurant at Cliff House (see last 'blog-entry from November 1st, 2014). 

This was the breathtaking view this sunny winter morn overlooking the ocean (that would be the one called "Pacific" for any of you Right Coasters that were not quite sure) from my table. I only saw a few brave surfers (about three to four) out on the ocean enjoying the tasty waves this morning (because any brave surfers just sitting on Ocean Beach are simply called "bums").

My friendly waiter-server guy, Justin, offered to substitute the dead, decaying grinded-up bovine flesh for either extra mushrooms or some avocado; I actually declined either addition, I like this fine enough just the way it is. Justin also happens to be a big hot sauce fan and recognized me from previous visits and greeted me with "Hey, it's the Hot Sauce Guy!" when I first sat down (don't you just hate it when people give you labels like that ~ especially if they are just some waiter-server guys).

There were only two (World) Famous Cliff House Popovers(!) in the basket this morning. They usually fill it with at least three (World) Famous Cliff House Popovers(!) and I have had up to five in there just by myself. This was not really such a big deal as they will always give you more if you want. Two were sufficient for me today, anyway.

Today's fresh fruit: watermelon, grapes, cantaloupe, honeydew melon, and half of a strawberry (it was a very large half, equal to about two regular-size strawberries, though).

Bistro Restaurant only has Tabasco® Brand Pepper Sauce (and just the standard red, Richard Bernard) for condimentary supplementation. Knowing what they had to offer from many past visits and (especially) knowing that I really need to use up some of my newest hot sauces, I used some of my own The Wiltshire Chilli Farm Winter chilli sauce on the scramble mess and some smoked Chipotle chilli sauce on the potatoes (Thanks for both, Cindy & Greg!).

Hollywoodland Autographed Photo-wall Interlude

(Photo #1; from top to bottom and left to right)

??? (I really should know her name, but just can't quite put my finger on her ~ at least not since that stupid Restraining Order was enforced); 
??? (some radio-talker guy from KNBC Radio ~ which is now KNBR Radio in San Francisco)

the Quiz Kids (I really don't know who is who specifically, and I really don't care specifically);
Allan Jones (Theodore Allen Jones; October 14, 1907 - June 27, 1992; actor/singer; starred in two Marx Brothers movies ~ "A Night at the Opera" and "A Day at the Races", "Show Boat", and also "One Night in the Tropics", which is notable mostly for being the film debut of Abbott and Costello; however, I am not 100% sure on this one, the cheesy mustache is throwing me a bit)

Paulette Goddard (Pauline Goddard Levy or Marion Goddard Levy or Pauline Marion Levy or Marion Pauline Levy; June 3, 1910 - April 23, 1990; actress; leading lady in Charlie Chaplin films "Modern Times" and "The Great Dictator"; married to both Charlie Chaplin and Burgess Meredith ~ of course, at different times);
??? (another guy that I really should know, but I don't)

(Photo #2; from top to bottom and left to right)

Cary Grant (Archibald Alexander Leach; January 18, 1904 - November 29, 1986; some actor that starred in a couple of movies, but was never a guest in Clifford C. Clavin, Jr.'s kitchen); 
??? (no idea; it would be funny if his name happened to be "Judy J. Judy"; I am pretty sure that he also had never been in Cliff Clavin's kitchen, though)

Frances Farmer (Frances Elena Farmer; September 19, 1913 - August 1, 1970; actress/TeeVee hostess); 
Red Skelton (Richard Bernard Skelton; July 18, 1913 - September 17, 1997; actor/TeeVee host guy; "The Red Skelton Show" and "The Nightmare Before Christmas"… oh, wait, that was his brother, Jack, in that movie)

(Photo #3; from top to bottom and left to right)

Danny Glover (Daniel Lebern Glover; July 22, 1946 [they only have this one date listed so I can only assume that Danny is still alive; however, you could sure fool me from his body of work in the past decade or so]; actor; "The Color Purple", "Grand Canyon", and the "Lethal Weapon" series of movies); 
Alice Faye (Alice Jeane Leppert; May 5, 1915 - May 9, 1998; actress/singer; married to Phil Harris [that would be "Baloo the Bear" to you Disney fans] and Tony Martin [coincidentally enough, he was featured in another Marx Brothers movie, "The Big Store"])

Sonja Henie (April 8, 1912 - October 12, 1969; figure skater and film star; three-time Olympic Champion in Ladies' Singles; unfortunately seen here without her tutu, Tommy and Ray[1]); 
??? (another one that I probably should know; however, I am pretty sure it's neither Bernard Schwartz nor Lucille LeSueur, Cliff)

Once again, anyone that can fill in any of these "???'s" will receive all the free (World) Famous Cliff House Popovers(!) that they can eat at the time (well, with a meal that you pay for) and will have my undying gratitude ~ which is worth much less than any free (World) Famous Cliff House Popovers(!), of course. Here is a little 'blog-writer guy hint: if you click on a particular photo, it should be able to be viewed full-screen by itself. I apologize for the poor quality of all of these photos, but my stupid photographer only gets paid with (World) Famous Cliff House Popovers(!)[2] (and, only then, what is leftover in my basket after I have already had my fill).

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: Joe's Special Scramble ~ 6.6; (World) Famous Cliff House Popovers(!) ~ 8.2

1. Anyone familiar with the radio show Car Talk
should get that stupid joke.

2. So, Jim, do you think that I referenced "(World) Famous Cliff House Popovers(!)" enough in today's 'blog-entry?


  1. Hey, Hot Sauce Guy, Col. Sherman T. Potter also had a thing for one Sonja Henie. I think it was all those spins she did.