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"Never try to teach a pig to sing; it will only waste your time … and annoy the pig." ~ A.N. Onymous

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Place: Eats 
Location: 50 Clement Street (on the corner of 2nd Avenue); phonicular contact: (415) 751-8000
Hours: open every day of the week at 8:00am
Meal: Vegetarian Egg Sandwich ~ arugula, Cheddar, tomatoes, spicy aioli, over easy egg(s), avocado, cornmeal ciabatta, served with (Excellent! Roasted Home) potatoes or salad; and a glass of Pomegranate[1]-Lemonade 

(I couldn't think of any real "eats"-type EweToobular juxtaselections, so I am just going with a couple of Maria McKee doing covers of Van Morrison songs videos.

I just love how Chevy was so well prepared with one of his musical guests there…)

Today's pre-Spring Training workout of another one of my Breakfastary Rotation Starters was back to Eats (see last 'blog-entry from October 5th, 2014). I once again sat at the window-counter seating area, where there are six high seats/stools facing Clement Street.

I have eaten so many times at Eats that I have just about worked my way through their entire breakfast menu now. The only item that I think is left to try would be Two Tofu Tacos (try saying that ten times fast ~ (v) zucchini, bell peppers, Hungarian peppers, corn, pico de gallo, cabbage slaw, avocado, beans, grilled tortillas, potatoes or salad); next time. Otherwise, I would probably go with Caprese Scramble (cherry tomatoes, pesto, fresh Mozzarella, Parmesan) again, as it has been a while since I have had that one.

This was a very good egg sandwich. Sure, it was "just an egg sandwich", but this was definitely not your momma's Egg McCiabatta. The arugula, avocado, and cornmeal ciabatta really added a lot to this. Which would you rather have as the bready portion of your breakfastary sandwich: cornmeal ciabatta or Mr. Thomas' poor excuse for an actual English crumpet? (I am pretty sure that ol' Ronald has never even heard the words "arugula" or "ciabatta" before.[2]) This actually comes with two eggs (the menu just had egg, singular, on it). I really didn't notice their "spicy aioli" as some idiot had poured hot sauce all over the top of the eggs before I had the chance to actually taste it.

Of course, I went with the side choice of the Excellent! Roasted Home Potatoes. Who in their right mind (or left mind, even) chooses a side salad for breakfast? Besides, the Excellent! Roasted Home Potatoes are one of the main reasons I keep going back again and again and again to Eats. If I had any complaints (but not really) this morning, the only "complaint" I might have had was that there were only two cloves of garlic in with the Excellent! Roasted Home Potatoes, but one of them was extra large and could easily be counted as two itself.

The Pomegranate-Lemonade was pretty good; it was neither too sweet nor too tart. This can also be made as a Bellini-style drink if you wanted (Alcohol for breakfast? Why, I never!).

Eats has for condimentary supplements the San Francisco Triumvirate of Hot Sauces: Tabasco® Brand Pepper Sauce (the standard red); Tapatío®; and Cholula® Hot Sauce. I just used some of my own Fairhope Favorites, Inc. Moonshine Hot Sauce Aged-N-Charred (Thanks, Phyll!) on the potatoes (of course, the garlic in this hot sauce complemented the garlic already in with the potatoes very well) and some Hot Licks® Serrano Hot Sauce (Thanks, Brian!) on top of the eggs in the sandwich (which was the reason I really couldn't tell what their own "spicy aioli" might have tasted like).

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: Vegetarian Egg Sandwich ~ 6.9; Excellent! Roasted Home Potatoes ~ 7.5

1. Stupid, useless cunning linguist/pseudo-agricultural pointer of the day:

The word "pomegranate" derives from Medieval Latin "pomum" (apple) and "granatum" (seeded). The French word for pomegranate is "grenade". This word has lent itself to the military "grenade"; soldiers commented on the similar size and shape of early hand-held grenades.

2. Apparently, Wild Bill Gates and his Spell-checkering Brown Shirts at Microsoft have never heard of "arugula" or "ciabatta" before, too, as these words are getting the red underlined treatment here.

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