Sunday, October 4, 2015

Emma's Coffeehouse

Richmond (District) Coffeehouses ~ number the Seventh

(and also Breakfast on Geary [redux], 
Part XXV)

(No official web-site.)

Place: Emma's Coffeehouse
Location: 5549 Geary Boulevard (on the corner of 
20th Avenue); phonicular contact: (415) 933-6632
Hours: open 5:00am Monday through Friday, 
7:00am Saturday and Sunday
Meal: Egg & Cheese Bagel ~ ('nuf ced, McGreevy?); 
a sweet cream cheese Danish (which I noticed that they get from City Baking Co); and a small cuppa Mountanos Family Coffee & Tea Co. Guatemala Huehuetenango

(Once again, today's EweToobular tunes reflect performers that I either saw yesterday [that would be Dave Alvin] or whom I plan on seeing today [by process of elimination, I hope you can determine whom that might be].

Hey, Brian, why are there two songs by Neko Case?
If you got a problem with that:
1) Just don't click on the links to listen to her awesome singing, 
2) Start your own damn 'blog-thing and post songs of your own damn choosing! )

Early Sunday morning brings us to another in the series of Richmond District Coffeehouses. Today's destination happened to be Emma's Coffeehouse which is very local and is also walking distance from my apartment (only twelve blocks ~ downhill ~ away, but it always seems more like fifteen blocks ~ uphill ~ on the way back home). This is a medium-sized coffeehouse joint with seating of eleven tables for two-to-three people and two sidewalk tables for two people.

This space/location has seen many incarnations over the years. I think Emma's Coffeehouse has been there now for several years (six-to-ten years or so). Previously it had once been a burrito joint owned and run by Russkis (which would be kinda like a piroshki shop operating in the Mission, nu?!); needless to say, the burritos weren't very good. This has turned out to be a much better location as a neighborhood coffeehouse. They even have a Comedy Night every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month now.

There were a few other bagel-y ideas for breakfast: 
Sun-dried Tomato Spread (probably a sun-dried tomato cream cheese schmear); Pepper Spread (which I expect was some kinda roasted red pepper and cream cheese schmear); Humus[1]; or you can also Add Veggies (tomato, cucumbers, red onion, spinach).

I chose an onion bagel as my basis. It was made with boring, plain ol' 'merican "cheese", though. (Calling this faux-cheese "cheese" is like calling Bud Light "beer"... or the Donald or the Hillary "politicians".)

The cuppa Guatemala Huehuetenango (try saying that ten times fast) was very good and done very well (prepared properly). I know it may seem superfluous to point out that a coffeehouse made a decent cuppa Coffee, but you'd be very surprised how many professional places take a good product and just don't prepare it correctly. They also have 1-lb bags of the product for sale at the front counter; I probably mighta shoulda gotten one for the future, but still have three other Coffees that I am working my way through at present. 

For condimentary supplements at Emma's Coffeehouse, I only noticed a bottle of Montecito® Hot Sauce and another u/i hot sauce in a plastic squeeze-bottle (which looked like it may have been Tapatío® Salsa Picante Hot Sauce). I just went with four drops (only!) of my own Blair's After Death sauce 
with Liquid Fire ([No] thanks, Sean!) on the bagel (I figured the sweet cream cheese Danish was picante enough all on its own).

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: Egg & Cheese Bagel ~ 6.1 (but easily 6.3 with real cheese); City Baking Co sweet cream cheese Danish ~ 6.7; Mountanos Family Coffee & Tea Co. Guatemala Huehuetenango ~ 7.0


1. [ sic

However, I should explain that the coffeehouse is probably still Russki-owned and -operated. Which brings us to today's stupid, useless cunning linguist/pseudo-epicurean pointer of the day:

"Hummus" comes from the Arabic word "الحمص" (transliterated as: "alhms"; meaning "chickpeas"). In Turkish, this is spelled "humus" and the Russkij cognate would also be "хумус" (transliterated as: "khumus"). I am blaming the additional "m" in the English spelling (most likely) on the Germans. 

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