Saturday, October 3, 2015


Location: 3615 Balboa Street (between 36th and 37th Avenues)
Hours: open for breakfast Monday - Tuesday and Thursday - Sunday at 9:00am
Meal: Belgian Waffle, eggs, and applewood bacon ~ Do I really need to list what that meal included? They did substitute country-style potatoes for the dead, decaying applewoody porcine junk; and a cuppa catahoula coffee company LOLA

(The first EweToobular song will be self-evident from today's choice of caffeinated beverage. The second song is because everyone knows that Belgian waffles go great with a little jam on top of them.

Nah, not really. I am just planning on seeing Paul Weller perform later today at this year's Hardly Strictly Bluegrass No. Fifteen in Golden Gate Park. Plus, this happens to be one of my All-Time Favourite Songs of All-Time of the 1980's.

And I would like to point out that both of these songs have iconic guitar-strumming intros.)

Last week I happened to pass by FOG BABY CAFE and saw that they now offer breakfast options. The place has only been open for less than two years now and recently (I think they told me about six months ago) they have started serving breakfastary items. I like that it is only five blocks away from my apartment, too. So, that meant I only had to take two bus transfers to get there this morning. (Nah, just kidding; I'm not that lazy. The 18-MUNI picked me up on the corner of 33rd Avenue and dropped me off right in front of the restaurant.)

It's not a very large place and generally off the beaten path, but due to Hardly Strictly Bluegrass No. Fifteen later this morning, they were pretty busy already when they first opened up. There are just six tables for two (which can always be pushed together to make tables for four or six, etc.), two large "comfy"-chairs (with ottomans in front of them and a shared small table between them), three counter seats, and two sidewalk tables for two.

(This is a mural on one of the walls, but would be much cooler if it were a ceiling mural.)

There is not a lot of choices for breakfast and the only other items that I was looking at were Eggs Benedict or Bacon, Egg, & Cheese Croissant (which, of course, I would have to order as just an Egg & Cheese Croissant with most definitely a side order of country-style potatoes).

The surprising thing is that there is no real "kitchen" space (no stoves or ovens) as this used to be just a sandwich-deli shop previously. They end up utilizing mostly electric appliances to cook and prepare all the cooked items: toaster oven, toasters, etc. I had to ask how the heck they would make poached eggs and was informed that they take the boiling water from the Coffee/tea maker and put it in a pot/pan and heat it on a hotplate-thing.

There was really nothing overly special about this meal, but it was all very good in its simplicity. However, I'd definitely recommend the place and will get back again one of these days for another breakfast. I went with eggs over medium (which I can only assume were prepared on a hotplate-thing, too) for my eggs-choice.

One of the really good finds here was that they serve catahoula coffee company exclusively, and offer a few different blends/roasts from that local Bay Area roastery. Today's blend/roast selection, LOLA, was pretty exceptional, too (but tasted nuthin' like Champagne nor Coca-Cola®).

FOG BABY CAFE only has Tabasco® Brand Pepper Sauce (Original Red Sauce) for condimentary supplementation. I used some of my own HOT LICKS® Serrano Hot Sauce (Thanks, Brian!) on both of the eggs and some Fat Cat Strawberry Serrano Hot Sauce (Thanks, Cindy & Greg!) on the potatoes (okay, I admit that I had to try a little on one quarter-section of the waffle, too; and, I have to say, that it wasn't really all that bad when mixed in with the butter and maple syrup).

"Coffee will be tea and tea will be Coffee
It's a mixed-up, muddled-up, shook-up World;
Except for LOLA..."

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: Belgian Waffles, etc. ~ 6.3; cuppa LOLA ~ 7.2

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