Sunday, January 3, 2016


"The one with the italian benedict."

Place: Ella's Neo Classical American Cooking
Location: 500 Presidio Avenue (on the corner of California Street)
Hours: open for breakfast Monday through Friday at 7:00am; open for "Brunch" Saturday and Sunday at 8:30am
Meal: italian benedict ~ pesto biscuit, prosciutto, poached eggs, and a roasted tomato hollandaise sauce; and a glassa Ginger Orange Juice Punch

Lady Ella has the right idea and it's always nice to begin a new year with a perennial favourite (or at least a restaurant that happens to be in my Breakfastary Starting Rotation). I headed back to Ella's Neo Classical American Cooking (see last 'blog-entry from September 7th, 2015) for breakfast ("Brunch", whatever).

There really were only a few other decent ideas for stupid vegetarians on this weekend's "Brunch" menu (and I was a little disappointed to see that there were no dishes that included black-eyed peas, Ms. Ferguson): folded omelette (with grilled asparagus tips, balsamic onions, fennel, gouda cheese; this was going to be my back-up choice); potato scramble (with bacon, sautéed mushrooms and gruyere cheese; I normally go with their potato scramble dish, but I felt this one ~ especially less the dead, decaying porcine belly bits ~ didn't have that many interesting ingredients to it); or sour cream poppyseed pancakes (3).

I liked that this had a different base other than Mr. Thomas' boring ol' muffins and the pesto biscuit was very good. I do wish that the Hollandaise sauce had a bit more roasted tomatoes in it (I was picturing this to come out more as a red gravy topped mess; as it turned out, the Hollandaise sauce had a rather cheesy look to it [the colour really did resemble that faux "velvety" processed cheese product that KraftHeinz[1] puts out]); it tasted good enough, but I would liked to have seen (or tasted) more of the tomatoes. Of course, I had ordered this senza la carne morta e in decomposizione maiale italiano. It doesn't state it on the menu, but I made sure to confirm before ordering, that this dish also comes with a side of homefried potatoes; I would have had to order a side otherwise.

Ella's has for condimentary supplements Tabasco® Brand Pepper Sauce (both Original Red Sauce[2] and Green Jalapeño Sauce). I used some of my own Fat Cat Chairman Meow's Revenge (Scorpion Pepper Sauce) (Thanks, Cindy & Greg!) on top of just one of the poached eggs and some Lucky Dog Hot Sauce Medium Fire-Roasted Pepper Sauce (Thanks, Brian!) all over the homefries.

And just like yesterday, I purposefully forewent any Coffee with my meal because I knew that I was going to make some of my own Bettys Christmas Blend which I had received as a gift last week (Thanks, Greg & Cindy! By the way, these two people are no relation to the couple that have provided me with the above hot sauce.). I am enjoying a cuppa this mighty fine seasonal roast/blend while preparing today's 'blog-entry.

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: italian benedict ~ 6.5; Bettys Christmas Blend ~ 7.3


1. How many people were aware that Kraft Foods Group, Inc. and H. J. Heinz Company had merged last year (July 2nd, 2015)? This just means that when you go shopping, 57% (it's actually probably more than that, but I just liked the symmetry of using that specific number) of the items in a local grocery store are produced by this comestibles conglomerate. 

2. Apparently, McIlhenny Company has started packaging their Original Red Sauce in bottles with new orange-coloured labels and with orange caps. I always felt that the old bottle labels were sublimely iconic. I hope that this is only for bottles that they may provide on a wholesale level to restaurants. It also may be a temporary change for this year's Super Bowl 50

Either way, I don't like it. 

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