Monday, January 18, 2016

Market & Rye

Do civil rights-minded Vegans have to celebrate Almond-MLK Day?

Place: Market & Rye
Location: 300 De Haro[1] Street (on the corner of 16th Street)
Hours: open daily at 8:00am
Meal: Baked Eggs ~ charred tomato sauce, crispy polenta, kale, goat cheese, and basil pesto; a side of Breakfast Potatoes (homefries); and a cuppa (but just one refilla ~ I didn't wanna be up all day) Mr. Espresso® (don't know/didn't ask which blend/roast)

It's not often that I get to do a three-fer breakfast weekend, but thanks to having today off (Thanks, Marty!), I had the chance to get back to Market & Rye (see previous 'blog-entry from February 16th, 2014). This is a great spot (if not a bit on "the other side of town"-ish; unfortunately, their West Portal location has been closed for about a year or so now; that was much easier to get to for me) in which to break one's fast. 

There are still a few more interesting-sounding dishes (for both those that partake of the dead, decaying animal flesh and stupid vegetarians ~ or civil rights-minded Vegans, too) that I do want to get back and try one of these days (of course, that probably means in another two years or so). If I had been in a "Sweet"-er mood this morning, this would have definitely been my choice: Custard Battered French Toast ~ house-made sweet dough bread, caramel pears, pomegranates, and spiced pear butter. Otherwise, my "Savoury" back-up plan was going to be Fall Veggie Benedict ~ poached eggs, roasted tomato, kale, roasted delicata squash[2], Hollandaise, pesto, Parmesan, and house-made English muffin.

Ha! It pays to eat locally sometimes (or, at least, it costs 20% less). Because it happened to be a Monday (Thanks again, Marty!), I got their 20% discount LOCAL LOVE. (I had to ask the counter-server guy if it still applied to me because I thought this might have been mislabeled and only applied to low-calorie dishes.) So that saved me about $3.00 right there (because of which, I am claiming the side o' potatoes were a freebie now).

If I did have one minor complaint (well, okay I do have one minor complaint) this morning, it would be that most of their tables are a bit too high (or, perhaps, their chairs are a bit too low). These all seemed about 3-6" too high (or the chairs were 3-6" too low). Maybe that is just 20% higher than non-local tables?!

I liked this dish a lot. So that makes three-for-three now there (and in Baseball terms, I think that is called "Batting .300"... or something like that). I would have rather had the polenta sticks on the side and not already sitting half-submerged in the red gravy; that way I could have used them to better advantage with which to sop up more of the tomato sauce (which was very tasty on its own and even had a little speziatura to it).

Since my visit there two years ago, they have changed their potatoes from fingerling to standard (white or red) potatoes, which is still okay with me, but I liked the originality of the fingerling choice. (Besides, these were a freebie today, anyway.)

After I had already finished eating, I saw that a guy at another table had ordered a side of Crispy Brussels (and coodoes to them as they even had this spelded kerrectly, unlike so many other restorants) Sprouts (lemon, Calabrian chili[3], and Parmesan). Had I known that I could order those as a breakfastary side, it would have been a forgone conclusion that I would have forewent the side of potatoes (as good as they were, I can normally get potato sides at most places for breakfast).

Knowing from my past two visits that Market & Rye has a pretty decent selection for condimentary supplementation, I didn't even bother bringing any of my own hot sauces with me this morning. They had less variety from which to choose than in the past, but there were still probably eight to ten different types. I used some La Victoria® Green Taco Sauce Mild on half of the potatoes and some El Yucateco® Hot Sauce Salsa Picante de Chile Habanero (the red version) on the other half of the potatoes.

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: Baked Eggs ~ 6.8


1. In case you were wondering just who the heck some of these streets are named after in San Francisco:

(I am not sure who 16th Street was named after, though. Maybe Joe Montana?)

2. Yeah, I had no idea what this was and had to look it up, too:

3. Also known as peperoncino (singular) or peperoncini (plural):

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