Sunday, June 26, 2016

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Place: Breakfast at Tiffany's
Location: 2499 San Bruno Avenue 
(at Thornton Avenue)
Hours: open Monday - Friday at 7:00am; 
Saturday and Sunday at 8:00am
Meal: Stella Hash Browns with two eggs over-medium laid (layed?) on top ~ green chile, tomatoes, Cheddar and Jack, sour cream (and it is not listed on the menu, but they also add a ramekin of salsa); a glassa freshly-squeezed orange juice; and, afterward, a cuppa Four Barrel Coffee Guatemala Los Yuc (no relation to Kevin that used to play First Base for the Boston Red Sox)

(There is no [well, none that I was intentionally aware of] EweToobular juxtaselection between "Breakfast" or "Tiffany" and the Tallest Man on Earth[1]. The last time that I ate at Breakfast at Tiffany's I linked a few songs by his [then] wife Amanda Bergman [who also goes by the stage name Idiot Wind][2].)

Breakfast at Tiffany's is another place that I really should have gotten back to (see last 'blog-entry from March 1st, 2015) much sooner than I have today. This is a great family-owned joint. I just hate the "long drive" over there and back. I also like how they took the name of their restaurant from my 'blog-thing title. (You know what they say: "Importation is the sincerest form of flatulence.")

Hopefully, it won't be another year (or more) before I get back there again. I still want to check out a few other items from their menu, like: San Bruno Omelet (spinach, mushrooms, Jack); "Veggie" Omelet (kale, spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, bells [as in the berry ~ bell peppers; they don't actually add any kind of bronze or iron idiophonic percussion instruments to the meal... Hmmmm? I wonder what The Bruce Dickinson would have to say about all of this.], black olives, avocado, Jack; I would have probably ordered this one if I already didn't have in mind to order what I did; plus, my last visit there, I had a similar meal as a Tater-Tot Skillet); or San Bruno Florentine (sautéed spinach and mushrooms, sausage patties [which I would have nixed, natch'], Hollandaise, Jack; from the sound of their menu, it's dollars-to-doughnuts [Do you think in Mexico, they have a similar phrase "pesos-a-churros"?] that this Saint Bruno guy must have been the Patron Saint of Lost Spinach and Mushrooms).

What's not to love about this meal? It's a mess o' hashbrowns with green chillies and two types of cheeses (which made for a really nice gooey goodness). I would just like to point out that the old owners used to have this as "Stella Hashbrowns", where hashbrowns was one word. Whether as oneword or two words, it all still tasted great to me.

I stated that this was a "freshly-squeezed" glassa orange juice. I meant that literally; I watched as they did just that this morning with one of them new-fangled automatic juicer-machines which will slice a whole orange in half and then juicify the two halves. (You know, the kind of contraption that George Jetson would always complain to Jane and Rosie about.)

Breakfast at Tiffany's offers as condimentary supplements both Tabasco® Brand Pepper Sauce (Original Red Sauce) and Cholula® Hot Sauce 
(Original). Knowing that from my previous visit, I came prepared with a few of my own hot sauces and used some Marie Sharp's Grapefruit Pulp Habanero Pepper Sauce (Thanks, Mom!) on top of one of the eggs and some Sunbelt Plantations Vidalia® Onion Picante Hot Sauce (Thanks, Cindy & Greg!) on top of the other egg. My little collection of lined-up hot sauce soldiers did not go unnoticed (I was sitting at the long diner-counter area) and I got a few comments from the wait-staff people. The wait-staff guy-person behind the counter that had initially taken my order even thought that I was a salesman for hot sauces at first.

I wasn't planning on having any Coffee until I got home this morning, but, after breakfast, I decided to walk down San Bruno Avenue (Oh! I just got why they have several dishes named "San Bruno" on their menu now. It's in reference to "Avenue". Ol' Bruno must have really been the Patron Saint of Avenues and Boulevards of Lost Souls. Ha! It didn't take me long to figure this one out.) and happened to see a way cool mural at the end of Burrows Street (right where it dead ends at Highway 101). When checking it out, I noticed that there was actually a new Four Barrel Coffee coffeehouse there, too. I have had their Coffee before and knew it to be a good cuppa, so I had to check this place out. This coffeeshop is located in what was once a two-car garage beneath a house. This is a very cool set-up and location for a coffeeshop; however, it is so off-the-beaten-path that unless you are a Nosey Parker like me (or that Saint Bruno guy), you might not even be aware that it exists.

Glen Bacon Scale Rating
Stella Hash Browns ~ 7.5;
Four Barrel Coffee Guatemala Los Yuc ~ 7.2


1. Ha! Kristian Matsson's stage name is really meant as a joke, because this diminutive Swedish singer-songwriter would have to stand on a soapbox just to look up to Justin Pedroier.

If you have never heard any of his music before, I suggest checking out his 2010 album The Wild Hunt. You can easily find the entire thing on EweToob. The comparisons to a young Robbie Zimmerman are well-founded as he is a big fan of the old mumbler.

It is interesting to see that some of the best 'merican Folk Music is coming out of Scandinavia now. One of my favourite musical "discoveries" in the past five years is Daniel Norgren (who is also from Sweden, but he has no particular moniker of his own; however, he really is pretty tall and should do a double-bill with Kristian Matsson as the Shortest Man on Earth as a joke).

2. Yes, as in the little Robbie Zimmerman song of the same name. (I can only assume the stage name "The Tallest Woman on Venus" was already taken.)

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