Sunday, June 12, 2016

Dottie's True blue café

"I have never had a problem with people sharing my music on the Intro-Net." 
~ John Lennon, circa 1980

Place: Dottie's True blue café 
Location: 26 (or 28; here's the thing, their official web-site states both "26" [on the home-page] and "28" [on the "Contact" page]; and, for what it is worth, they list it as "28" on defacedbook) 6th Street (on the corner of Stevenson Street ~ this exact location there is no question about)
Hours: open Thursday through Monday at 7:30am (that would be "Closed on Tuesday and Wednesday" for those of you that are calendarly-challenged)
Meal: Zucchini Cakes ~ topped with poached eggs & spicy Marinara, fruit & potatoes; and a glassa grapefruit juice

(There is no EweToobular juxtaselection with this song and today's breakfastary destination [well, that I know of; maybe John's mum was named "Dottie"... or "True blue"]. I just like it and felt like sharing it here this morning.)

I don't ever really need an excuse to get back to Dottie's True blue café (see last 'blog-entry from April 16th, 2016... or was that April 18th, 2018?), but if I did, I could say that tomorrow is a major National Holiday (it is Flag Day Eve, after all) and I just wanted to celebrate this three-day weekend correctly. I arrived early enough ~ around 7:10am ~ and I was still #7 in line this morning (behind a group of six; so, technically, I was the second "group" in).

I got the really cool Tiki-guys salt-and-pepper shakers on my table again this morning.

Zucchini Cakes ~ is there really anything else that needed to be stated, Mr. McGreevy[1]?!

Today's side of fruits: blackberries (not a berry); blueberries (a real berry); strawberries (another not a berry); pineapple (botanically as much a berry as blackberries or strawberries); watermelon (another actual botanical berry); and cantaloupe (notaberry, too).

Dottie's True blue café always offers a nice, diverse selection of hot sauces: Tabasco® Brand Pepper Sauce (three types: Original Red Sauce, Green Jalapeño Sauce, and Chipotle Sauce), Tapatío® Salsa Picante Hot Sauce, and Frank's RedHot® Chile 'n Lime. Be that as it may (or June that it be now), I had brought a few from my own collection and used some Hot Licks® Serrano Hot Sauce (Thanks, Brian!) on half of the pile o' potatoes and some Florida Gold 
Premium Habanero Hot Sauce (Thanks, Kerry!) on the other half of the pile o' potatoes.

I had purposely (purposefully? porpoise-folly?) skipped any Coffee libations with this morning's meal as I had a "premeditated Coffee" idea. I planned on buying a new gift mug from Dottie's to use while drinking some of my own-brewed Coffee at home while typing-up (computering-up, whatever) this here 'blog-entry thing. I already had one of their old mugs (the one on the left in the above photo ~ with the design from their old location) and wanted to complete my collection. I knew that I wanted to make a nice cuppa De La Paz Graceland (Blend) and as soon as I got home I started preparing it. I had received a package yesterday from my brother Kerry (See? Some people are aware of the proper gift-giving for Flag Day Eve.), but did not open it up this morning until after I had already started my previous Coffee preparations. Well, inside the package was another bagga Coffee ~ Coffee By Design Cardullo's Gourmet Blend (Dark Roast). I will have to be sure to make me uppa cuppa that either later today or on the actual holiday itself tomorrow. In addition to the Coffee, there were a couple of books and a really cool Boston Red Sox 1975 Team 40th Anniversary "Limited Edition Bobblehead" of Luis Tiant[2], where he has both his trademark Fu Manchu and is wearing the cool 1975 Yaz-designed Baseball cap (there is no cigarro cubano hanging from his mouth, though). (Thanks, Kerry! By the way, this "Kerry" is no relation to the "Kerry" that I had already thanked for the hot sauce above.)

Glen Bacon Scale Rating
Zucchini Cakes ~ 7.6;
De La Paz Graceland (Blend) ~ 7.3;
Coffee By Design Cardullo's Gourmet Blend (Dark Roast) ~ to be determined...
El Tiante ~ 8.0
Boston Red Sox ~ 8.5


1. In keeping with the Boston Red Sox minor-theme in today's 'blog-entry:

and (play this one LOUD!):

2. And just why the heck ain't Luis in the National Baseball Hall of Fame already?!

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