Saturday, July 2, 2016

SOMA Restaurant & Bar

(No official web-site, more or less. There is this link on their defacedbook page; however, it does not really work: )

Place: SOMA Restaurant & Bar
Location: 85 5th Street (on the corner of Mission Street); phonicular contact: (415) 778-8500
Hours: open 6:30am daily
Meal: Good Morning Omelet ~ with mushroom, spinach, tomato, & house potatoes, served with (white) toast and jelly; and a large glassa orange juice

(I am not aware of any EweToobular juxtaselections between "SOMA" and Tanita Tikaram[1]. I just like her singing and music.)

I went back to SOMA Restaurant & Bar (see previous 'blog-entry from August 29th, 2015) for breakfast this morning.  I like that they open up very early in the morning for breakfast; however, they are situated on the corner of 5th and Mission Streets (kitty-corner[2] to the San Francisco Chronicle building) which is not really the best location for any walk-in business.

There really are not that many choices on their breakfast menu, but a few other ideas that I was looking at were: Italian Frittata (Italian mild sausage, mushrooms, Mozzarella cheese, & house potatoes; I would have ottantasei-ed the sausage junk, of course); Blueberry Pancakes; or Huevos Rancheros (eggs with tortillas, black beans, tomato, Mozzarella cheese [¿Qué diablos?], & house potatoes).

This was an interestingly made omelette. As with my last omelette meal there, the spinach was incorporated into the scrambled egg batter, not inside the omelette with the other two ingredients.

Once again, I don't know what SOMA Restaurant & Bar had to offer in the way of any condimentary supplementation; none were offered and I didn't bother to ask what they had. I just used some of my own 
Dixie Crossroads Hot Habañero[ sic ][3] Pepper Sauce (Thanks, Brian!) on top of the omelette and some Emperor's Revenge Teriyaki Hot Sauce (Thanks, Mom!) on the potatoes.

I skipped any Coffee with the meal and once again headed to a nearby Philz Coffee and ordered one of their medium blends: Philtered Soul.

Glen Bacon Scale Rating
Good Morning Omelet ~ 6.3;
Philz Coffee Philtered Soul ~ 6.9


1. Wer?

2. In case you have ever wondered just why cats or kittens have corners named after them:

And I always thought it came from the game of MONOPOLY®...

3. Not really a stupid, useless cunning linguist pointer, but more of a stupid, useless Spelling/Grammar-Nazi pointer:

I have meñtioñed this before here. The correct spelliñg is "habanero", with ño grapheme over the "n".

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