Saturday, July 23, 2016

Gallardo's ~ Mexican Restaurant

(No hay ninguna página web oficial. 
[They used to have one, but it no longer seems to be in effect.])

Place: Gallardo's ~ Mexican Restaurant
Location: 3248 18th Street 
(on the corner of Shotwell Street)
Hours: open every day of the week at 7:00am
Meal: Papas con huevo ~ scrambled eggs w/ potato, onion, tomato, & bell peppers, served w/ rice, beans, & tortillas; and a large glassa Jugo Mixto (1/2-orange juice and 1/2-carrot juice ~ a San Francisco Giants fan favourite)

(I have no EweToobular juxtaselectionary ratiocination for including these Lucinda Williams[1] songs today. I just feel that she thoroughly inspires an overwhelming feeling of reverence and admiration[2]. I particularly like her live rendition of the first song where she completely muffs it at the start and has the good humour to laugh at herself.)

I was planning on finally heading back to Fattoush (see previous 'blog-entry from June 28th, 2014) this weekend. Now here is where it pays to plan ahead sometimes, kids. I checked out their web-site last night to make sure when they opened in the morning and saw that they had closed recently (well, a quick Intro-Net search shows probably as far back as mid-November): "Due to smoke damage from an unfortunate event, Fattoush will be closed until further notice." ("Unfortunate event"? If it was from a fire, why not just state such?) Too bad, too, as I was looking forward to ordering the Corn Flake Crusted French Toast

¿Cómo se dice "back-up plan" en español? 

So, instead, I just went back to Gallardo's ~ Mexican Restaurant (see last 'blog-entry from March 15th, 2015) where I knew I would get another desayuno muy sabroso.

There are still otras buenas ideas para desayuno: Huevos a la Mexicana (scrambled eggs w/ onion, tomato, & bell pepper); Huevos Rancheros (fried eggs on a tortilla topped w/ salsa ranchera & Monterey Jack cheese); Torta de huevo (scrambled eggs w/ onion, tomato, & bell pepper cooked in a crepe style); or Nopales Omelette (filled w/ melted cheese, onion, tomato, bell pepper, & cactus [that would be the nopales]). And, possibly one of these days, when I am in a more (or very) adventurous mood: Banana Omelette (I kid you not); they have this listed as "filled w/ melted cheese & banana[3]".

(This photo does not do the orange neon colour any justice. It was truly cornea-burning; I almost had to put on my sunglasses.)

I knew that I was going to like this meal a lot right from the start. Whenever potatoes are the central figure in a breakfastary option, I know that it will be a good choice for me in earnest, Papa Hemingway. This was made with huge chunks of potatoes, tomatoes, and white onions (and that is all a good thing, unless your name happens to be Greg Kipe or you are a Golden 
Retriever). This really didn't need any extra espiciness, but I probably shoulda asked to have one jalapeño or serrano chilli added to the scrambled mess.

There were three (3, tres) warm, fresh, homemade (restaurant-made, whatever) corn tortillas provided this morning. It all made for a good amount of food with the rest of the meal, but I made sure to force myself to finish all three with the meal, anyway.

I have no idea what Gallardo's ~ Mexican Restaurant may have had to offer in the way of pre-bottled hot sauces (none were asked for and none were needed), because they have their own very good salsa fresca in jars on all the tables. I used up almost half of the jar that was on my table by adding some (well, a lot) to the frijoles refritos, rice, and scrambled pile.

Glen Bacon Scale Rating
Papas con huevo ~ 6.6


1. If you have never seen Lucinda Williams perform live, I suggest that you do so if you ever get the chance.

2. I had originally typed that as "She's totally awesome!" However, in an effort to be less vernacular, Misters Howard, Fine, and Howard, I rewrote that sentence. I am also happy to note that no doibies were dropped during the rewrite.

3. Stupid, useless cunning linguist/pseudo-botanical pointer of the day:

In Spanish, the word for both "banana" and "plantain" is "plátano". So, I am not sure which of those berries they use to make this omelette. (What have I said before about bananas botanically being berries? ["Bananas botanically being berries"? Try saying that ten times fast.]) This may have just been some kinda translational error on the menu... or, at least, I hope so. 

I have no idea what that might taste like. I suppose if they actually use fried plantains and not sweet bananas, it might not be half-bad (which, of course, means it's only half-good).

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