Saturday, October 15, 2016


Place: LaLe
Location: 731 Irving Street (between 8th and 9th Avenues)
Hours: "Breakfast is served everyday [ sic ] between 8am and 3pm!"
Meal: Istanbul (Egg Scambler[1]) ~ onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, cheese, served with home style potatoes and housemade (restaurant-made, whatever) English muffin; (to drink with the meal) a large glassa fresh lemonade with mint; and (afterwards, from around the corner) a cuppa Snowbird Coffee (pourover-style) Guatemala Huahuasomethingerother

(Love their Coffee; however, their web-site really needs a lot o' work.)

(As far as I know, there are no EweToobular juxtaselections between today's breakfastary destination and Mississippi John Hurt[2]... or Stagolee [or Stagger Lee or Stack O' Lee][3]... or Frankie and Albert[4]. I just felt like linking some of ol' MJH's songs.

Besides, you just try to find any decent songs about tulips.)

I have mentioned this before, if I ever needed to DFA one of my current Breakfastary Starting Rotation restaurants, there is a great rookie call-up in LaLe (see last 'blog-entry from Saturday, January 30th, 2016). They are still a relatively new place, and I had only "discovered" them earlier last year (about two months after they had just opened). I've only eaten there three times now, but I really have liked the food and the selections they offer.

There are still many other good ideas from which to choose: 

From the Egg Scamblers (yeah, I will not tire of this, Miss Spelling) section of the menu:

Mexico City (or Mexicro Crity) ~ chorizo, green onions, mushrooms, guacamole, sour cream, cheese (I would have had to ochenta-y-seis-ed the spicy porky sausage stuff, of course)


Napa (or Nrapa) ~ goat cheese, mushrooms, bacon, bell peppers (once again, the porky belly bits would have to go).

From the Benedictions (or is that Benedicrtions?) section of the menu:

Toronto (or Troronto) ~ ham, grilled tomato, spinach (without the Canadian porky loin stuff, eh?!)


Portland (or Prortland) ~ tomatoes, veggie hash, mushrooms (and despite the odious moniker of "veggie", this would have been my second choice this morning).

And, lastly, from their weekend specials blackboard (blacrkboard?) out front:

Dutch Baby Pancake (or Dutcrh Braby Pancrake) ~ w/ caramelized fruit


Polenta Special (or Prolenta Specrial [and that should be the last time I make fun of the missing "r" in "Scamblers", but only because this is the last item to be mentioned now... or nrow]) ~ w/ grilled veggies & 2 poached eggs.

This was a pretty decent dish. It was simple enough, but still good enough for me. The only thing that I might have changed was the choice of cheese. This was made with Mozzarella cheese shredded (or shedded [Okay, so maybe I lied about not making any more fun of the missing "r", Tori]) on top of the scambled mess (or mress). I would rather have seen a native Turkish cheese[5] used in its place; they do make a lot of good sheep's milk cheeses in Turkey.

The side of homefries was very good, too. I ended up mixing the last few forkfuls of the potatoes in with the last bits of scambled eggs. That turned out to be a really good idea (or idear) on my part. The onions, bell peppers, and tomatoes really complemented the potatoes. ("My, you are looking extra tasty this morning, Miss Tater!")

For condimentary supplementation, the only thing that I saw on the tables in the way of bottled hot sauces was Tapatío® Salsa Picante Hot Sauce. I simply went with some of my own hot sauces: Lucky Dog Medium Fire-Roasted Pepper Sauce (Thanks, Brian!) on the potatoes and Sunbelt Plantations Vidalia® Onion Picante Hot Sauce (Thanks, Greg & Cindy!) generously on the scambled pile (or prile).

Additionally (and this is a great "addition"-o-lee), they have two housemade (restaurant-made, whatever) jams/jellies/preserves for use. There was a very chunky-cut orange marmalade (which was my favourite) and a very nice strawberry jam/preserves. Both went really well on top of the housemade (restaurant-made, whatever) English muffin. (Don't worry, I didn't mix-and-match the two. I used the marmalade on one half of the English muffin and the strawberry jam on the other half. But don't think that I wasn't tempted to try a little of both together.)

I had skipped any Coffee with my breakfast because I know that right around the corner is one of my favourite little coffeehouses in the city. Snowbird Coffee offers four to five choices of pourover-style Coffees. I have had their Guatemala Huahuasomethingerother (see, here is where a better official web-site would be useful) before and knew that I liked it.

the Wild Parrots of San Francisco Interlude

After exiting the coffeehouse and on my way back to my car, I saw a single pair (because three parrots would not be single nor a pair) of the feather-headed chatter-birds flying overhead on 9th Avenue (heading southward-ish to who knows where [or should that be "... to whom knows where"?]). This could be considered a mini-pandemonium[6], I suppose.

Glen Bacon Scale Rating
Istanbul (Egg Scambler) ~ 6.4;
strawberry jam, orange marmalade, and housemade (restaurant-made, whatever) English muffin ~ 7.0, 7.5, 6.8 (respectively... or espectively);
Snowbird Coffee Guatemala Huahuasomethingerother ~ 7.1;
the Wild Parrots of San Francisco ~ 8.5


1. While their on-line menu has this spelded correctly as "Scramblers", their printed menus on the tables and in the front window have this mispelded as "Scamblers", which I kinda liked the sound of, anyway ("... of which I kinda like the sound, any way"? Whatever!). 

2. Kim? که؟

I really liked him in "The Elephant Man" and "Alien", too.


There are also these cool and related versions:


5. (I just love that there is a web-site called!)

6. This Term of Venery usage can be considered 
à propos of an earlier conversation this morning on defacedbook where my brother Nick was talking about the collective nouns of some other birds and animals.

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