Sunday, April 9, 2017

Overtime Sports Bar & Restaurant

Breakfast on Geary (redux), Part 31

(This is supposed to be their "official" website, but it does not seem to be operational yet.)

Place: Overtime Sports Bar & Restaurant

Location: 4134 Geary Boulevard (between 5th and 6th Avenues); phonicular contact: (415) 702-6611

Hours: open for "Weekend Brunch" Saturday and Sunday at 9:00am(-ish; I had gotten there just a little after 9:00am and the doors were still locked up tight; so I went for a walk around the block, and when I got back about five minutes later, they were finally opening up then)

Meal: Weekly Special Eggs Benedict over Waffles ~ w/ tots or potatoes; and a cuppa (and only one refilla) Peet's Coffee® Major Dickason's Blend® (this is sorta Peet's® flagship blend/roast; it's really good enough to be promoted to Light Colonel, already, if you ask me)

(If you need any actual reasoning for the second EweToobular song, it is simply because...
Sir George Ivan. That is all, thank you. Plus, this is a great live rendition of one of his songs [not that all of his songs aren't also great]. Thanks for the video, Skip!

The third song is just some guy covering one of Sir George Ivan's biggest hits. Trust me, this guy will never make it singing any of his own songs. [Who knew Robert De Niro could sing?!])

I had stopped in for dinner a few weeks ago at Overtime Sports Bar & Restaurant during the NCAA Final Four ~ which is when I noticed that they were now also open for "Weekend Brunch". (There was actually a "RESERVED" sign on one of the tables next to mine that night... now what kinda self-righteous bastage reserves a table at a sports bar?! Seriously?!) This morning, I ended up not only being the first idiot in for breakfast ("Weekend Brunch", whatever), but the entire time that I was there, I remained the only customer. It may take some time for this place to catch on as a local breakfast joint (or even a local "Weekend Brunch" joint).

Overtime Sports Bar & Restaurant has only been open now since Super Bowl Weekend (this year) and have only been open serving "Weekend Brunch" since March 11th (just one month ago). It is in a space that had been vacant for many years now (easily ten to twenty years; it has been so long now that I really can't remember what used to be there; I think it was just another local Richmond dive-bar along Geary Boulevard). There is ample seating (and, as dictated by the Sports Bars of America Charter [It's a real thing; look it up!], there are many large-screen TeeVees all over the walls) of: seven tables for two; three tables for four; two tables for five (or six); four booths for four; and several (at least ten to twelve) bar-counter stools.

There are not a lot of items (yet?) from which to choose on their "Weekend Brunch" menu. Some possible other ideas for stupid vegetarian-types were: Eggs, Cheese, & Salsa over Tots or Roasted Breakfast Potatoes (this was going to be my initial choice until I spotted the absolutely disgusting-sounding choice I chose); Cinnamon Toast Crunch French Toast (which I can only assume is a form of French toast encrusted with the cereal of the same name); or Straw-Nana-Tella Waffles (fresh strawberries [which, I suppose, makes up the first hyphenated portion of the meal's name], bananas [hopefully, this makes up the second part of the name and it is not Hannibal Lechter's take on a breakfast utilizing bits of his ol' granny as a topping], nutella® [and, finally, the last part of the name?] sauce).

I mainly went this choice this morning because it sounded too disgusting to pass up ("... up which to pass"?). And I was 100% correct. Of course, I had them be sure to omit any of that dead, decaying Canadianlander porcine junk from my dish. I really liked this take on Benny's boring ol' ovarian creation. What a great idea to substitute Mr. Thomas' faux crumpets with waffles. "But, Brian, wouldn't waffles be too sweet for the base?" Yeah. So? What's yer point?! 

Hmmmm?! I just have one question. Seeing as I only had two quarters of a Belgian waffle included in my meal, did that mean I received the leftover half of someone else's dish, or will the next person to order this be getting my sloppy-seconds?

For condimentary supplementation, Overtime Sports Bar & Restaurant has Tabasco® Brand Pepper Sauce (Original Red Sauce) and Tapatío® Salsa Picante Hot Sauce. The waiter/server-guy person also told me that they have a Sriracha aioli if I would like some of that. I passed up on that one (this time) and just used some of my own Pepper Palace Gator Bite Hot Sauce (Thanks, Greg & Cindy!) on the tots and some Sunbelt Plantations Vidalia® Onion & Jalapeño Pepper Hot Sauce (Thanks, Cindy & Greg!) on top of one egg.

Glen Bacon Scale Rating:
Weekly Special Eggs Benedict over Waffles ~ 6.6 
(I am giving this an extra 0.1 Glen Bacon Scale points for originality)

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