Saturday, June 17, 2017

STRAW ~ Carnival Fare

Place: STRAW ~ Carnival Fare

Location: 203 Octavia Boulevard 
(near the corner of Page Street)

Hours:  "Brunch" is featured under the Big Top Saturday & Sunday at 10:00am 

Meal: Rocky Mountain Madame ~ egg-in-the-hole brioche toast, prosciutto (which I ottantasei-ed, beninteso), Swiss, garlic ailoi, Cheddar Béchamel[1], home fries; a glassa STRAWberry-Basil Lemonade; and, aforehand, a cuppa Ritual Coffee - Yukro (Jimma, Ethiopia)

(Today's EweToobular juxtaselections are just a coupla new ones from Puddles.)

I was in a carnie kinda mood, so I went back to STRAW ~ Carnival Fare (see last 'blog-entry from Saturday, October 29th, 2016). I sat outside for a change (because Monsieur Soleil was out in full force and it was a gorgeous morning, and because I could). There are only four tables for two on the sidewalk area and they all filled up immediately this morning (and because I was the first idiot to get there early, I was assured of one of them at least).

There really aren't an awful lotta items from which to choose on their "Brunch" menu. I counted only six egg dishes and two salads (which, I suppose, I could always have a poached egg or two added on top of). I think I have had five of the six "Eggs With Greg" dishes now (all without any of the dead, decaying animal products whenever they were included in the dishes). (I still think they are missing out on a great [read: stupid] opportunity and should call this section "Eggs with Gregg" [or, worse yet, "Egs with Greg"].)

I have had this dish once before a few years back (it may have been the first dish that I tried when they had first opened) and felt like checking it out again. I liked it then and still liked it today. However, I bet this would have been even better substituting their most excellent Ranchero sauce for the Béchamel sauce (Mornay sauce, whatever). Of course, I didn't think about that until after I had ordered and they had already brought it out to me; I had overheard another couple debating over ordering the Huevos Rancheros and that made me think of this.

STRAW only has Crystal® Louisiana's Pure Hot Sauce for use as a condimentary supplementation (which they have put into cruet-shaker-pourer things on each table). I went with some of my own Pepper Palace Chocolate Habanero Hot Sauce (Thanks, Cindy & Greg!) on the potatoes only.

Because I had gotten to the neighborhood about an hour before STRAW opened, I purposely walked the three blocks over (and back) to Ritual Coffee to get a cuppa as a direct snubbery to the stupid coffeehouse that is located right next door to STRAW because of their sponsorage of the d*mn parklet out front.

yet still another stupid d*mn parklets mini-rant

even the stupid word "parklet" bugs me (it's just another completely madeuppery word!).

Up next:

A breakfastary roadtrip back to (Historic) Jack London Square, Oakland, CA; The Fat Lady sings again

Glen Bacon Scale Rating:
Rocky Mountain Madame ~ 6.5;
Ritual Coffee - Yukro ~ 7.1;
stupid d*mn parklets ~ 0.1


1. Well, technically (or culinarily), a Béchamel sauce with cheese would be a Mornay sauce. I won't tell Emeril if you don't.

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