Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Batter Blaster™

Not quite sliced bread*, but not bad either

[This is a breakfast re-"hash" from an old note that I made on defacedbook prior to starting this 'blog. After this weekend's pancake excursion, I thought it was kinda à propos.]

Someone here in defacedbook-land (γειά σου, Dave Klein!) posted a link to this new product called Batter Blaster, which is basically pancake batter in an aerosol can (just like the whipped cream variety; however, I would not suggest trying to do "whip-its" with this one, or you will probably need the Heimlich maneuver).


As I am about as lazy as it comes and hate to cook at all (to me "cooking" means: 1. open can of soup, 2. heat soup in pan, and 3. eat soup from same pan ~ why dirty a bowl?!), this really appealed to me.

I purchased a can at my local Safeway® and gave it a shot (or, as is more technically the case, a "blast"). Seeing as I don't think I have ever really made "homemade" pancakes by myself, I think they came out pretty good. They seemed lighter than some pancakes I have had; they are literally aerated which makes them a little fluffier. There is also the extra-added bonus that the spray nozzle makes it pretty easy to make Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes. And they were actually pretty tasty, but put enough butter and pure Maple syrup on anything and I would probably eat it, too.

Well, I used up the can after a few meals. It stated that it makes about 24 - 4" pancakes. I think I made only 10-12 pancakes with it. They must have meant 24 very thin 4" pancakes. They weren't that bad, but I probably won't be buying another can; it still entailed actually turning on my stove and cooking.

Now if these guys ever come up with "Pizza in a Can"or "Burrito in a Can", I will be their biggest fan and patron…

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: Batter Blaster ~ 6.0

*(And whoever came up with "sliced bread" as a benchmark for innovative bakery breakthroughs ? I mean it's not exactly E = mc
2 stuff, right?

Ever wonder what Brain Surgeons and Rocket Scientists say when something is so completely mind-bendingly simple?)

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