Sunday, February 20, 2011


Irving Street (original location)

(Man, I miss those claymation California grape guys.)

(This alternate take is just for the pure bizarro duo of crack 'ho Amy Winehouse and Paul Weller, from the old British Punk Rock/Mod Revival group the Jam. I always liked Paul, but Amy is still a wasted piece of trash.)

The CREPEVINE* is a small chain of crêpe restaurants
(maybe that should be called a crêpevineyard?) located throughout the Bay Area. They have nine locations now, including Savor (see September 5th, 2010 'blog-entry) on 24th Street in Noe Valley (which seems a little bit more upscale than the rest of their more low-key/neighborhoody shops). I had breakfast at their original location on Irving Street; according to the knowledgeable server (we talked a little about hot sauces/salsas; she was a fellow "corny-sewer" of the spicy stuff), they have been here now for the last 18 years or so.

I got there pretty early this morning and found a great (read: safe and free) parking spot over in Golden Gate Park (just two blocks away), and as the Sun was a-shinin' again this morning, it was a pleasant walk there and back. I also chose the safest seat in the restaurant: there was a table full of five University of California Police officers eating at the table next to mine (the UC San Francisco campus is just up the street a few blocks). Only in California would you find cops hanging out in a crêpe place instead of a doughnut joint.

Their menu not only includes crêpes, but omelettes, scrambles, "Benedictions", pancakes, and French toast. So, even if you don't like crêpes (and why wouldn't you like crêpes, ya commie bastage?), there are plenty of other breakfast choices, as well as several sandwiches, pastas, and salads choices. I had the California Crêpe ~ Avocado, bell peppers, tomatoes, sautéed onions, and cheddar, topped with salsa fresca and sour cream (spicy chipotle salsa optional ~ definitely go for the option!). As noted: "All savory crêpes are served with house potatoes & mixed greens with vinaigrette." I asked them to skip the greens and they rewarded me with more ~ lots ~ of the house potatoes/home fries. Nice!

I also had a good cuppa Peerless Coffee®. This was made extra strong (also nice), not like a lot of other places that never seem to get it quite right; because of which, there was no need to get another cup at a "real" coffee joint after breakfast.

(Oops! I had already taken a bite before remembering to get a "money shot" photo of my breakfast.)

The crêpe was stuffed with lots of fresh ingredients, and I was glad to see that there was no scrimping on the avocado like a lot of places tend to do (this is California, not Omiehaw, NE, after all). There was probably at least ½ to a whole avocado in it, which is always nice as avocados are one of my favourite breakfast fruits (and, yes, Sean, avocados are a fruit ~ I have even had the ice cream to prove it). The house potatoes/home fries were very good (plus there was a ton of them, too). The real surprise of the meal was their chipotle salsa; it was great with lots of flavour and much more fuego than normal from a chipotle style salsa.

They actually have a pretty nice selections of bottled hot sauces from which to choose: four types of Tabasco® (the standard red; green jalapeño; a chipotle one; and a garlic version); Cholula®; and Crystal®. I had even come prepared with two from my own collection: Palo Alto Fire Fighters Pepper Sauce; and Trees Can't Dance ~ Belizean Habanero Sauce. However, due to the flavour of CREPEVINE's own chipotle salsa, there was really no need to add any of these to either the potatoes or the crêpe. (Sorry, Amy and Greg & Cindy.) I also found it pretty cool that they have bottles of 100% Pure Maple Syrup on every table (this may seem like a little thing, but just see what is offered at most places).

So, if you go, get the damned crêpes and be sure to "option" a side of their "keeler" chipotle salsa. 

And tell 'em, Marvin sent you…

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: California Crêpe ~ 6.6; Chipotle Salsa ~ 7.0

*(My only minor quibblê with thêir namê would bê that thêy do not usê thê littlê "e-hat" thingy ~ which is actually callêd a "circumflex" ~ in thê word "crêpe" anywhêrê on thê mênu. What arê wê, a buncha Francophobês hêrê? I nêver mêt a Frankiê I didn't likê.

At least their corporate name is much more appetizing than Squat & Gobble ~ see November 28th, 2010 'blog-entry. Well, at least there is no derogatory definitions for it found in Urban Dictionary… yet.)


  1. What, when have I ever argued that avocados aren't fruit? That's common knowledge.
    I am disappointed you didn't order the Kyoto crêpe, though. I'm not even a tofu fan and that sounded good.

  2. No. It wasn't that you ever said avocados aren't fruit. One time I jokingly said that "asparagus were one of my favourite 'fruits'" also and you made a comment that they were not a fruit, unlike the tomato, but a vegetable. I know that asparagus are a vegetable. And monkeys are the craziest people...

    By the way, I have had most of their crêpe combinations in the past. The Kyoto is good, but not my favourite for breakfast. It's more of a lunch/dinner crêpe to me.

  3. Hey Brian, I remembered that I have been to the one on Church Street now. It has been a pretty long time ago though, I think 2002! JT

  4. What the heck were you doing hanging out in the Castro?!

    (I have been to a couple other of their locations, too. Just not that one.)