Saturday, February 12, 2011

Seal Rock Inn Restaurant

International Place of Omelettes*

Just like the last time I visited Seal Rock Inn Restaurant (see 'blog-entry from June 26th, 2010), today was a great morning for a little after-breakfast walk. Seal Rock Inn Restaurant is still located all the way at the end of Geary Boulevard/Point Lobos Avenue in the Richmond District just before you fall off the edge of the planet at Ocean Beach, Cristoforo.

This place is best known for its creative and vast selection of omelettes from which to choose ~ hence the silly reference above, under the title. However, don't even think of ordering the French Omelette (I am not sure if this is even a truly authentique omelette à la française, as I don't know if they actually make this with their tongues or not) or Swedish Omelette (made with little gummi fishes?) unless you are very adventurous. I have not even dared to try either one myself yet.

So, to be on the safe side, I went with one I have had several times before: the Greek Omelette No. 2 ~ Feta cheese with fresh spinach. As noted in the menu: "All Omelettes served with hash brown (sic), toast and jelly" (which is good, because toast all by itself would just be burnt bread). I had the rye bread toast, with little Smucker's® Strawberry Jam and Concord Grape Jelly packets ~ so you know it had to be good. This is a great omelette (if you like
σπανάκι ~ which, luckily, I do, Mr. Segar); it was completely stuffed with lots of fresh spinach and φέτα cheese. It is interesting to note that they also add chopped spinach into the egg mixture/batter itself for a complete Iron-overload. I like their Greek Omelette No. 1 better, but this is a very close No. 2.

I also had a cuppa the house blend coffee, which is Peerless Coffee & Teas®. As stated before, it's okay, but not really much better than the swill I make at home. The best I can say about it is that it was dark and hot and they kept filling up my cup (Old Borshch Belt joke: Old man No. 1: "The food here is terrible."; Old man No. 2: "Yeah, and in such small portions."). For which, I will probably be "forced" to get a decent cuppa at Peet's® later today to make up for this.

I am not so sure of what an αυθεντικό ελληνικό πρωινό would consist. I lived in Greece for 3½ years and don't really remember ever going out to breakfast the entire time there. Possibly yogurt and pastries with a good cuppa καφές ελληνικός, μέτριος? I did get to Η πλατεία της Γλυφάδας a few times for coffee and donuts at Jax Donuts in the morning, though.

Seal Rock Inn Restaurant just has ketchup and Tabasco® sauce on the tables so I finished up the last of my Trees Can't Dance ~ Tree Fire Sauce (Thanks one last time, Cindy and Greg!) on the "hash brown". The good news is that I still have two more flavours of Trees Can't Dance left.

As Seal Rock Inn Restaurant is right across the street from Sutro Heights** Park, after breakfast I took a little walk through there.*** Sutro Heights Park is one of the newer members of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA); part of the Sutro District, which also includes Cliff House and Sutro Baths (see 'blog-entry from January 29th, 2011).

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: Greek Omelette No. 2 ~ 6.5

*(I heard that this was the original name of the restaurant, but they were sued by IHOP® for trademark infringements; however, IHOP® soon dropped the lawsuit after deciding that the embarrassing acronym was punishment enough.)

**(Whatever happened to "I" before "E", except after "C", or when it sounds like "ay" as in "neighbor" and "weigh"… or whenever it is just confusing enough to mess with us? Or maybe Emily Brontë's classic novel is supposed to be pronounced "Wuthering Hates"?)

***(Note to Jim Turner, 'blog-meister extraordinaire:

This should not be considered another cross-'blog entry as this little sojourn was no more than a ¾-mile walk through the park ~ literally ~ and the terrain was all pretty level. I think the altitude change would have been no more than 15-20 feet up one hill. I did not attempt any rock scrambles, either, as the omelette was scrambled just fine for my liking.

[See, I knew I could get the corn-ball joke in here somehow.])

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  1. Afternoon update:

    I did end up going to Peet's® for a cuppa their "House" blend (it was what they had a-brewin' this afternoon). It was good, as always.

    Glen Bacon Scale Rating: 6.9