Sunday, February 6, 2011

Blue Jay Cafe

After doing my laundry earlier this morning (I wanted to get that out of the way early enough today to free up time for Super Bowl XLV this afternoon), I revisited Blue Jay Cafe (over on Divisadero, somewhat in the Western Addition; see my last post from May 31st, 2010). This is a pretty good place for breakfasts (well, technically they call it "Brunch" on their menu, but this is a pretty unassuming joint ~ reservations are not needed and they don't have fancy cloth napkins; so I let them slide on the whole "Brunch" wording); however, they do open a little late normally for my liking (they open at 10:00am on Saturdays and Sundays), but it worked out very nicely today.

On the weekends, they offer different drink specials for "Brunch". Today was a 2-for-1 Bloody Mary, which is made with Jinro Soju, as they only have a Beer and Wine License. As best as I can figure Soju is a Korean rice wine product (about 24% ABV) that can be used as a mixer in places where they don't have a Liquor License. I am not sure what it tastes like, but they seemed to be doing a good business selling them this morning (well, 2-for-1 always helps).

They have a pretty decent standard breakfast ("Brunch", whatever) menu, but I went with today's special off the board: Tomato, Spinach, and Feta Omelette (do I really need to list the ingredients?). All of their omelettes come with grits, a bowl of fruit, or spiced homefries, and choice of toast, BlueJay's corn muffin, or BlueJay's biscuit. I went with the spiced homefries and a BlueJay's biscuit. I also had a cuppa coffee and a glass of their fresh-made ½-Lemonade/½-Limeade.

There was lots of fresh spinach (not frozen) and lots of Feta (also not frozen) in the omelette, which is always a plus. The portions aren't really huge, but are just right for my appetite, where I was able to comfortably finish all on my plate for a change ~ I even ate the watermelon slice/garnish thing (if I still had been hungry, I would have ordered a side order of their Home made giant Biscuit with Mushroom Gravy; it sounded pretty decent). The regular homemade biscuit was good, but the spiced homefries were great ~ crispy, but not greasy at all; they must be baked, not cooked on the grille. The Lemon/Limeade was a little bit on the sweet side (but it was fresh-made and served in a large glass, not one of those tiny shot glasses); I added a bit of water to it to dilute it and then it was perfect.

They only have Crystal® hot sauce on the tables/counter, so I went with some of my own stash of HP® Brown Sauce and Trees Can't Dance ~ Tree Fire Sauce (Thanks yet again, Cindy and Greg!) on the potatoes. For those of you that have never been to Great Britannia, HP®
Brown Sauce is a condiment, very similar to A.1.® Steak Sauce, that is as ubiquitous there as ketchup or Tabasco® are here in 'merica. I like the HP® Brown Sauce much better than A.1.® ; I think it's the tamarind versus the raisin paste in the ingredients (either that or it's just that I am still boycotting all Kr*ft products).

They have a small backyard patio area that can seat about 8-10 people comfortably. I debated on sitting outside today as it was turning out to be a beautiful sunny day and the weather will reach about 70-75° today, but it was still a little early (and the patio never really gets any sunshine) so I opted for a seat at the counter instead. Maybe next time…

Oh, and…


Glen Bacon Scale Rating: Omelette ~ 6.5; Lemon/Limeade ~ 6.7; Spiced Homefries ~ 6.8


  1. I like this soju idea. The rice wine is quite flexible. Had sake-tinis once in Seattle, for example. I'm going to watch for that stuff being available in some of the haunts around here.

  2. A lot of places out here have been doing that for years now. I guess it's cheaper than a Liquor License. If you go to the Jinro website, they even have drink recipes for it to be used as a mixer.