Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dottié’s Trué blué café

Sunday #2

(Well, sometimes on a Sunday, Μελίνα.)

As promised, this was the second consecutive Sunday in a row* (because one Sunday in a row would not be considered "consecutive", or even "in a row") that I had breakfast at Dottié's Trué blué café (see 'blog-entry from June 5th, 2011). Lady Ella was once again playing on the stereo when I sat down at the counter. Today's choice of kitschy salt 'n' peppa shaker: little houses (see above photo).

There are a few other breakfast joints in the immediate area along Geary Street (and all within a few blocks of the Theatre District and Down
town): Olympic Cafe (I have eaten there a few times in the past), Grand Cafe (inside the Hotel Monaco; never eaten there), The Original Perfect Hamburger** (I have eaten there, a long time ago, though); but none really compare to Dottié's.

There were some good specials on the board today. Plus, I was all set to "suffer through" my fall-back choice of Black Bean Cakes off their new standard menu if I absolutely had to. I ended up going with the Roasted red pepper, Kalamata olive, Scallion, Spinach, Pesto, & Parmesan Frittata ~ with toast and potatoes. I also had a cuppa coffee.

Now I could go into a lengthy explanation of how good this was and why I liked it, but that might take several years and cost thousands of lives. Let's just say if this had included any asparagus in it, I may just have married it ~ Traditional Marriages be damned, Mr. Bradford!

Not to be outdone by our snot-nosed little brother (name withheld for familial harmony), my next older brother, Kerry, had sent me some condimentary supplementation, too. I received in the mail yesterday a 4-Pack of Big Papi ~ En Fuego*** Hot Sauce (Thanks a lot, Kerry!!!****). These range from Original Mild to Grand
Slam XXXtra Hot. I tried a little of each on my pile of potatoes. They all packed a bit o' heat as one of their main ingredients is the chile habanero (sorry, not "habañero", Mr. Underwood). Like yesterday's nose-numbing hot sauce, the Grand Slam includes capsaicin extract; knowing this, I went lightly with it today; it wasn't quite as hot as the Blair's After Death Sauce with liquid fire, but I can see this one lasting a very long time, too.

Big Papi is the real name of a MLB player from República Dominicana also known as David Américo Ortiz Arias; he currently plays half a game at the "Designated Hitter" position with the Boston Red Sox. Big Papi has had a major resurgence from the past few seasons of Piss-Poor Performance (hey, that is not my opinion, that is the actual technical term used by MLB; these Sabermetrics terms get trickier and trickier every year); I think this is due to his Off-Season training regiment with Alex Rodriguez' cousin…

How many times must I state this?
Dottié's is simply the best ~ eat there or be stupid!

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: RrpKoSSP&P Frittata ~ 7.6; Big Papi En Fuego Hot Sauces ~ 7.0; Big Papi ~ .325 (2011), .283 (Lifetime)

*(See: Department of Redundancy Department)

**(Also known as "The Original Perfect Crime-burger". About 15 years ago there was a Double-Homicide at this place. I don't remember the specifics, but I think that one disgruntled kitchen worker came back after his shift was over and shot and killed a couple of his co-workers. I don't know whether it had anything to do with the quality of the burgers or not.

If you ask me, all hamburgers are murder, anyway.)

***(I am pretty sure that this means in Español dominicano: "If you walk Youk or Adrian, you must pitch to me!")

****(There is no sarcasm of note today. I can still feel my nose after trying all of these.)

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