Sunday, February 12, 2012

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Happy Birthday, Abe[1], honestly!

Phone: (415) 468-0977

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This was only my second time ever eating at Breakfast at Tiffany's (see my first 'blog-entry from June 14th, 2011), but I am sure I will be going back again and again. It's a bit of a pain driving over to the Portola neighborhood, but they are just off of Highway 101 at the Silver Avenue exit and then just one block along San Bruno Avenue; parking can be a bit tricky, too, but I found a legal spot right across the street this morning. As stated before, there is absolutely nothing assuming about this little family-owned diner-esque joint, but that doesn't seem to keep people from coming to enjoy the simple, but tasty fare. The walls are adorned with crayon drawings from visiting kids (hence today's opening piece of artwork). I complained to my server that no one had offered me any crayons and she was going to actually give me some.
Crayons rule, Mr. Binney and Mr. Smith!

They actually have a Brian Special on their menu; however, it is a Chorizo & Jack Scramble, so some other Brian that is a consumer of dead, decaying animal flesh will have to order that one, Mr. Piccolo. I simply went with Stella Hashbrowns ~ Cheddar & Jack Cheese, Green Chili[2], Tomatoes, served with Salsa & Sour Cream; and to make it a complete meal (or compleat meal) I had a side order of two eggs over medium and a glass of orange/pineapple juice. My main reason for going back again was I really love their take on hashbrowns. Have I ever mentioned how much I like potatoes?

When you order the "Full" Stella (instead of just as a side order), you get an entire (large) plate of hashbrowns; it really was more than I could finish (but unfortunately not enough was really left for me to take the remainder home). I particularly like that they spell hashbrowns as one word on their menu, too. (Stupid Bill Gates and his Microsoft Works® Word Processor auto-spellchecker thingy do not recognize this as one word and keep breaking it into two separate words for me ~ just what the heck does "hashb rowns" mean?) The hashbrowns were perfectly crispy (read: burned; just like I like 'em ~ they are called hashbrowns, after all, not hash-tans) on the bottom. This was made with three whole (good sized) green chillies; diced, sautéed, and then added to the potatoes on the grill. The chillies weren't too picante, just about right.

Breakfast at Tiffany's condimentary supplements are Tabasco® (the standard red), Tapatío®, and Crystal® Hot Sauce. I had remembered this from my last visit (well, not really remembered it, but re-read my 'blog-entry as a refresher), so I brought some of my own hot sauces with me; I ended up using some Palo Alto Fire Fighters Pepper Sauce (Thanks agains, Amys!) on the entire mess. I probably really didn't need to add any extra hot sauce to this as the salsa that was provided was more than enough and added a good amount of flavour already, but PAFFPS is really that good.

Moral of the day: Sometimes the potatoes are the breakfast and the eggs are the side dish!

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: Stella Hashbrowns ~ 7.7; Eggs over medium ~ 5.5 (seriously, I can even make these; I don't, but I could)

[1] Today is the 203rd anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's birthday. Which begs to ask the question: When you are in a crowded theatre, is it illegal to yell 'Sic semper tyrannis!'?

[2] Stupid, useless cunning linguist pointer of the day:

The word "chili" comes from the Nahuatl word "chilli/xilli', which is the native name for the fruit.

I am not sure exactly what kind of chilli peppers were used, probably Ortega/Anaheim chillies. At about 500-5,000 Scoville heat units, these rank only about as hot as a jalapeño or such.

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