Saturday, February 18, 2012

Kate's Kitchen

Sometimes I have a great breakfast…

(Take your pick. You have the iconic, stripped-down Lead Belly[1] version or the inimitable, smooth vocal styling of Nat King Cole[2]; both are classics.)

Good morning, Irene!

I went back to Kate's Kitchen (see last 'blog-entry from March 6th, 2011) in the Lower Haight for breakfast this morning. This was my first visit back there in almost a year, which is surprising as I used to go there several times a year.

Kate's Kitchen offers a pretty interesting standard breakfast menu; two of their good starters are: Hushpuppies ~ 6 beautifyly deep-fried balls of cornmeal served with pooh butter (which I assume is some kinda honey-butter) or Cheese & Green Onion Biscuits ~ with homemade sausage gravy or veggie gravy. They also always have several eclectic items on their specials board, today there were a few that caught my eye: Veggie Scramble ~ Wild mushroom, tomato, red onion, snow peas, garlic, basil, red bell peppers, and Havarti cheese (all good junk); and Pumpkin French Toast (?!), which I did not see until after I had already placed my order, or I may have opted for that one instead. I had to ask my server how that was made and she said that they just add some canned pumpkin pie to the egg batter. That sounded very interesting and worthy of a trip back one of these days. (Luckily I didn't see that before I had ordered, or I would have had to come up with a good Smashing Pumpkins video link from EweToob instead.)

Off their specials board, I ended up going with Irene's Wrap ~ Scrambled eggs, roasted habanero tomato salsa, avocado, bacon (no thanks!), and Cheddar wrapped in a spinach tortilla; served with homefries. (Now, just like last week with the whole "hashbrowns" affair, Bill Gates and the other spelling/grammar Nazis at Microsoft® Works Word Processor are trying to force my spell-checker thingy to separate the word "homefries" into two separate words. Sorry, Billy-boy, but this is my preferred spelling and it is how they have it on the menu at Kate's Kitchen. If you have a problem with this, take it up with Kate or Irene!) I also had a cuppa their mighty fine, strong N'Orleans-style coffee (with the roasted chicory).

It didn't look like it at first (a burrito with a side of potatoes), but it really was an awful lot of food. There were probably three scrambled eggs inside, as well as lots of avocado and Cheddar cheese. Now, if they had just stuffed the homefries inside the tortilla, too, this would have been even better. The roasted habanero-tomato salsa was very good, not too hot (well, they went light on it in the scramble), but very tasty; I probably could have used just a little more in mine, but let's not quibble here. (It's not as if I'm going to make any homemade salsa and burritos on my own.) I also think that grilling the tortilla/burrito after it had been prepared might have been a nice touch; those are always my favourites at the local taquerias.

Kate's Kitchen condimentary supplementation is Tabasco® (the standard red), Tapatío®, and a few others. I was lazy this morning and didn't feel like bringing any of my own collection with me, so I just used a little of the Tapatío® on the homefries. The wrap really didn't need any extra added heat/flavour to it.

As I was leaving, I said to my server, "Be sure to thank 'Irene' for me!" My server then told me that she was Irene, but that she didn't come up with this particular wrap combo idea, it was just named for her. Now if someone could just tell me who this "Farney Garney" guy is (and why is he so "flanched"?)…

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: Irene's Wrap ~ 6.8; N'Orleans-style Coffee ~ 6.7

[1] Huddie William Ledbetter, better know as Lead Belly or Leadbelly, was an American Folk and Blues musician back in the early to mid-20th Century. His specialty was playing the twelve-string guitar along with folk standards.

[2] As I have stated before, one of my favourite male singers has to be Nathaniel Adams Coles, or Nat King Cole to his enthusiasts. He and Ella Fitzgerald may be two of the best American voices ever! (If you disagree with me, start your own silly breakfast 'blog that you can saunter off-topic all you like about your own stupid choices.)

From our friends at Wikipedia, here is a little more information:

I think it is interesting to note that his last movie appearance was in 1965 in Cat Ballou, which happens to be one of my all-time favourite films, too (it didn't hurt that it also featured a very young and hot Jane Fonda).

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