Monday, May 7, 2012

Joe’s Coffee Shop

Breakfast on Geary, Lucky 13

(No official website)

6134 Geary Blvd

Phonicular contact: (415) 668-9382

Technically, Joe's Coffee Shop (see last 'blog-entry from March 12th, 2011) would be the last stop along Geary Street/Boulevard in my "Breakfast on Geary" series as they are really the last place along Geary Boulevard in the Outer Richmond that does breakfasts; however, I have a few others (revisits/guest visits) still up my sleeve to prolong it a few more weekends. You are also getting a weekend breakfastary three-fer as I have today off from work (due to a vision problem… I just couldn't see myself going to work today).

Joe's Coffee Shop is basically an olde-timey breakfast-lunch diner. There are a few pluses to Joe's Coffee Shop: they open up very early (7:00am) and are just seven blocks from my apartment (even a lazy slob like me can do the fourteen blocks round-trip ~ including the last six blocks all uphill), making them the closest place for breakfast to me; albeit, this is only the second time I have eaten breakfast there, and I have probably only eaten there a half dozen times total in 26 years. I can't speak for their burgers, but the food that I have eaten there in the past has always been pretty good.

There are several things from which to choose on their breakfast menu: French Toast, Pancakes, Waffles, Omelettes, etc. This morning I had the Avocado[1] and Cheese Omelet (with fresh salsa) ~ served with hash browns (they have this as two words on their menu; obviously another local eatery on the Microsoft® payroll) and toast. I also had a large glass of orange juice.

The omelette was very fluffy, not flat like yesterday's version; but I felt there could have been a little more avocado in it, and the cheese was just your plain ol' 'merican cheese (the yellowish-orange type, not the off-white kind). The salsa is a fresh pico de gallo that is served on the side, and it was pretty decent, too. They have two types of breakfastary potatoes, but I forgot to order the homefries this time; the hashbrowns were very good, though, so it was of no matter. I went with sourdough toast as my side choice.

Much like Denny's Café yesterday, Joe's Coffee Shop offers for condimentary supplementation: Tabasco® (red); Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce; and Crystal® Hot Sauce (these seem to be the standard in the Outer Richmond with Asian-owned places). I used some of my own Serious Food… Silly Prices ~ Mango Hot Sauce (Thanks, Cindy! No really, this stuff is very palatable and won't cause heart palpitations.) on the omelette; and some Serious Food… Silly Prices ~ Sweet Heat Hot Sauce (Thanks also, Cindy! Again, no lawsuits will be filed today.) on the hashbrowns.

As I remembered from my last visit to Joe's Coffee Shop that their "coffee" was really not much to speak of (I suppose just calling it Joe's Shop might be a little confusing to some), so I stopped across the street on my way back home at Café ENCHANTE  (however, I really must point out that it is sans accent aigu on the "enchanté" for some reason; I was even told that the owner is French. Perhaps it is just hard to get the "é" capitalized in print). I had a very decent cuppa La Colombe Torrefaction Pacific Blend coffee (I have no idea what "Torrefaction" means, Ms. Spelling). 

(No official website for Café ENCHANTE, or Café ENCHANTÉ, even)

6157 Geary Boulevard

Phonicular contact: (415) 251-9136

Café ENCHANTE is pretty cool in that they have one of the rooms made up to look like an outdoor street café, with a running fountain and all.

Glen Bacon Scale RatingAvocado and Cheese Omelette ~ 5.9; La Colombe Torrefaction, Pacific Blend ~ 6.7

[1] Stupid, useless cunning linguist/pseudo-horticultural/pseudo-epicurean pointer of the day, número uno:

The word "avocado" comes from the Spanish "aguacate" which in turn comes from the Nahuatl word "ahuácatl" (meaning "testicle", a reference to the pear-shape of the fruit). Avocados were known by the Aztecs as "the fertility fruit". The Nahuatl word "ahuácatl" can be compounded with other words, as in "ahuacamoli", meaning "avocado soup or sauce", from which the Spanish word "guacamole" derives.

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