Saturday, May 12, 2012

Q Restaurant and Wine Bar

(I couldn't think of any other "Q"ute EweToob music links. This will have to do for an 80's nostalgia trip.)

I went back to Q Restaurant and Wine Bar (see last 'blog-entry from January 21, 2012), which is in my Starting Rotation of breakfast places (and I am just happy to state that my Line-up is doing much better than the Boston Red Sox so far this season). I sat at the table with the large spider tableau once again. Above me there was this cool light made from a food grater (I have no idea how that stupid sports shout-out got in the background, though).

Q has plenty of good things to choose on their standard "Brunch" menu and they have several other items on a separate "Brunch Specials" menu, which changes weekly/seasonally. I was thinking about trying Susio's Rico Suave French Toast (Cream Cheese and Strawberry Stuffed French White Baguette with Strawberry Compote and Caramelized Walnuts) or Zucchinni[1] Vegetable Cake Benedict (which is brand new to their menu; this sounded pretty similar to the one that Dottie's True blue café offers, except they serve this with a standard Hollandaise sauce not a spicy Marinara sauce). I opted for Horacio's Muy Deliciouso[2] Chilaquiles ~ Tortilla Chips Baked with Tomatillo Salsa and Sharp Cheddar, Topped with Scrambled Eggs and Served with Black Beans, Salsa Fresca and Sour Cream. I also had a large glass of orange juice with the meal. As I had skipped coffee with breakfast this morning, I brewed up a nice cuppa Bettys Colombian Rio Magdalena and am enjoying it while typing this out.

This is not quite as good as Chava's or SanJalisco®, but it was a pretty decent version of the dish, too. Black beans are always a good side. Now I have discussed what chilaquiles are here a few times and don't really feel like having to go into detail again, so I am "borrowing" some information from our friendly friends at Wikipedia (please note, they already have a cunning linguist pointer about the word "chilaquiles", so I don‘t have to do that even):

Q has several options for condimentary supplementation; they had Tapatío® on most of the tables today, but I know they have a few others available, too. I used a little of my own One Stop Hot Shop "Son of Smart Arse" Sauce (Thanks! Cindy! This is the one that almost wiped out the entire staff at Eddie's Cafe on my last visit there; see 'blog-entry from January 7th, 2012.), and by a "little" I mean just three toothpick drops at that; it was more than enough to add a bit o' heat to the dish. Actually, the chilaquiles really didn't need any extra spice as the tomatillo salsa was pretty tasty on its own, but I want to try to use up more of this damnable stuff… at this rate, I should have the bottle emptied by Stardate 41153.7 (Note: that specific Stardate is actually a nod to today's restaurant’s name, Jean Luc).

Once again they brought me a mini Tootsie Roll® with the bill. Always, nice.

Non-breakfastary shameless promotion of an old
Air Force buddy's newest book:
(my 'blog, my rules, after all)

As I stated a few weeks back, Jack Dixon has written his second historical novel and it is now published and available in hardcover or paperback (it has been available for a while now as an e-reader, but I can't imagine any sensible person wanting to read anything worthwhile on a computer ~ and that includes this 'blog).

Jack and I were stationed together back in the early 80's in Athens, Greece at the 6916th Electronic Security Squadron (Home of the "Prodded Professionals", where everyone gets one free FIAT). Like me, Jack was also a cunning linguist, but he was only an Arabic linguist and never had as much to do back then as I did.

Go out and buy/order/download (well, I suppose if you order or download it, you really don't have to "go out") yourself a copy of
Jerusalem Falls today. I think the title refers to a little-known place where water flows over a vertical drop in the course of the Niagra River, not sure why that would be considered an historical novel, though, sounds more like a travelogue to me.

Glen Bacon Scale RatingHoracio's Muy Deliciouso Chilaquiles ~ 6.9

[1] Stupid, useless spelling error pointer:

They had this mispeld as "zucchinni" on the menu. The correct spelling should be "zucchini".

[2] Stupid, useless cunning linguist/spelling error pointer,
número uno:
The correct spelling of "delicious" in Spanish is "delicioso". The Tori* didn't distract from the actual deliciocity of the dish in any way, though. 

*(Miss Spelling)

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