Monday, May 28, 2012

Just For You Cafe

Luke's Diner would be proud of this place, Li'l Abner.

(As I really couldn't locate a decent Memorial Day song on EweToob, I went in another direction. Here's a little known Cliff Clavin Factoid: The original title of this song was "Give Peas a Chance".[1] John Lennon was commissioned by the British Agriculture Board to do a song to get people to try and eat a bit healthier; despite what Tony Blair said, everyone knows that the National Dish of England is Fish 'n' Chips.)

I four-footed it way over to Dogpatch this morning to have another Memorial Day breakfast (I happened to notice that I went there last year on this day, too) at Just For You Cafe (see last 'blog-entry from December 27th, 2011). I was sure glad that I had left my mobular device at home today, as I would hate to have wasted a perfectly good cuppa coffee on it (see above sign for stupid reference). There is one question I would still like to find out one of these days: "Who is 'Mabel'?"

As it is a holiday weekend, they still had their Weekend "Brunch" specials available. I had to try Nery's Vegetable Hash Omelet! (They added the exclamation point, not me.) ~ A fluffy omelet filled with butternut squash, roasted white onions, red and green bell peppers, sage, parsley (apparently, Rosemary didn't get the memo in thyme), and Sonoma goat cheese. Choice of bread (which is fresh-baked on the premises; I chose the cinnamon-raisin toast again). I also had a cuppa their damn fine N'Orleans-style chicory coffee.

The focus here was on the butternut squash (which I had forgotten was one of the ingredients and was wondering why the sweet potatoes had a strange texture and flavour, until it dawned on me) and the goat cheese. I think that turnips, rutabagas, or parsnips might have been a nice addition, and would have added a nice spicy bite to it, too; however, most 'mericans can't tell a rutabaga from a "Norwegian" turnip (that is a little humour that only my British readers might get), and probably think that "Rudy Bega" was John Travolta's little brother in "Pulp Fiction".

Like Dottie's True blue café, Just For You Cafe offers a pretty decent selection of condimentary supplementation: two types of Tabasco® (standard red and green Jalapeño); Tapatío®; Cholula®; Crystal®; a Sriracha-style hot sauce; and sometimes a few other brands. I went with a little Cholula® (Thanks, Adrienne!) on the omelette (butter was fine on the toast). Cholula®[2] is probably one of the better mass-produced/readily-available bottles of hot sauces; it is made with a nice blend of both Arbol and Piquin chili peppers, plus it has some nice spices added to the ingredients.

I don't know who this Nery guy is, either, but he can feed me this hashish omelette any weekend.

Glen Bacon Scale RatingNery's Vegetable Hash Omelet ~ 7.0; Coffee ~ 6.9

[1] I also have a 75-year-old orange bridge that I can let you have for a song.

[2] Stupid, useless cunning linguist/pseudo-historical/pseudo-geographical pointer of the day:

"Cholula" is named after the 2,500-year-old city of Cholula, Puebla (the oldest still-inhabited city in Mexico). The name "Cholula" is derived from Nahuatl toponym "Chollollan", meaning "the place of the retreat".

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