Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

This is the fourth year running that I have posted these two links together.

The article was written by Lieutenant Colonel Rick Francona*, U.S. Air Force (Retired). Rick is a well-known Military and Middle East analyst. He was also a former member of my old Air Force squadron back in Athens, Greece (6916th ESS); he was stationed there a few years before I got there, and I have never had the pleasure of actually meeting him in person.

The "Green Fields of France" is sung by the Boston (technically, Quincy) Irish-American Punk Rock band Dropkick Murphys ~ best known for their Red Sox anthem "Tessie". I have never met them in person, either.

The truly sad thing is that all of the people we are honouring on this holiday cannot be here to celebrate with us.

Have a safe and "rememorable" Memorial Day, everyone.

*(Thanks once again this year for the loaner, Rocco.)

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