Thursday, July 4, 2013

Kate’s Kitchen

"As 'merican as Pumpkin[1] French toast (and a side order o' homefried potatoes[2] even)?"

(Play this LOUD!

Happy 4th of July!

Or as they say in Canadialand: "Happy Thursday, eh?!")

Figuring that there wouldn't be too many places open this morning, I went back to Kate's Kitchen (see last 'blog-entry from December 1st, 2012) for breakfast. I called yesterday to confirm that they would be open and at what time. They open at 8:00am during the week (and 8:30am on the weekend; however, you would never know what their hours are from their official web-site. I triple-dog-dare-ya to find their hours anywhere on their web-site, Sean!). When I got there around 8:20am there was just one other stupid early-bird diner (C'mon, people! It's a holiday. Sleep in for a change.), but it did fill up soon enough by the time I had finished eating.

As usual, I ordered off their "Specials" board. There were several good things on it, to include: the Mindy Hash
browns ~ layered w/ scrambled eggs, bacon, & Cheddar cheese; and the Meat Omelette ~ Black Forrest (sic, Mr. Gump-Gump) Ham, corn (originally an 'merican/New World food), tomato (also of 'merican origin and a berry to boot), red onion, red bell pepper (another 'merican berry), spinach, squash, and Swiss cheese (which I would have gotten without the dead, decaying Baden-Württemberg Schwein-bits, of course). I decided on the Pumpkin French toast ~ with chocolate (and, yes, chocolate is yet still another All-'merican food) chips & whipped cream. I also had a side of homefries (you can never have enough carbohydrates) and a cuppa coffee (the friendliest and sweetest server-lady informed me that they use San Francisco Coffee Company Espresso Blend with roasted chicory). One of these days I really should order off their standard menu.

This was served as a quintet of slices; four slices would have been more than enough for me, though. This was very good with just the subtlest of pumpkin flavour; the friendliest and sweetest server-lady (I suppose I need to start asking for people's names) told me that this is one of her favourite dishes and that it is made with the same base as their regular French toast ~ "French bread dipped in orange-spiced batter then baked and sautéed in butter" ~ but with canned pumpkin added to the batter mix. I really liked this, but it was all just a bit too sweet for me; I suppose I didn't have to add the maple syrup (and, also of note, this is another truly 'merican product) that they provided, but what is French toast without maple syrup? I probably would have liked this even more without the chocolate chips added (but still with the whipped cream).

I always like their coffee and I probably had 3-½ cups worth with all the refills.

The homefries were very good, too, and they had lots of diced green bell peppers (still 'merican berries) and white onions in them.

Kate's Kitchen actually has a pretty decent selection of condimentary supplementation: Tabasco® Brand Pepper Sauce (the standard red), Tapatío®, and some others. But, in honour of the 4th, I went with some of my own Palo Alto Firefighters Pepper Sauce ~ the regular sauce (Thanks agains, Amys and Brian! I think that was the last of that bottle, but I still have more of the XX Habanero left.) on the homefries.

I am still so full from all that food that I may not eat again… until later this afternoon.

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: Pumpkin French toast ~ 7.0; San Francisco Coffee Company Espresso Roast with roasted chicory ~ 6.8

1. Everyone knows that "apple pie" stuff is really European.

Pumpkins are native to North America. They are also one of the largest botanical berries.

But, fear not, I am pretty sure that Baseball and Chevrolet are actually 'merican.

2. Even potatoes are more truly 'merican/New World than apples are, Mr. Chapman.

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