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Peter D’s Cafe

Παιχνίδι του Τουαλέτες;

(No official web-site.)

2201 Van Ness Avenue (at Broadway)

phonicular contact: (415) 771-8505

(Because I thought linking "We Represent the Lollipop Guild" would have been a bit too un-P.C. for the following Peter Dinklage reference, but I bet it does take some pretty "little feat" to fill his "tiny shoos".)

I had eaten breakfast at Peter D's Cafe before in the past, but this was several years ago (before I started this stupid 'blog) and figured it deserved another visit. The restaurant is located just on the outer edge of Pacific Heights (and not Nob Hill like they have listed in yelp*). It is a Greek family owned small diner-place, and has been in operation since 1959. I had to ask if the restaurant was named for Peter Dinklage due to his recent popularity on that little TeeVee show, but was informed that it actually stands for "Peter D(imitri) Black" (his real Greek name is
Πέτρος Δημήτρι Μαύρος); this was all explained to me by Peter D's granddaughter that waited on me. She also shared with me most of the Greek words that she knows and I still understand (all of which I really can't repeat here).

Peter D's has 10 seats at their diner-counter (where I sat) and another eight tables that seat between 4-6 people. They have mostly a tourista clientele as it is attached to a motel and there are many other motels/hotels in the area to support it.

the Wild Parrots of San Francisco Interlude

While walking around a bit after breakfast, I heard several of the local conures flying overhead in the neighborhood, but, due to the thick, low fog, I really only saw one.

Peter D's has a pretty standard diner-style breakfast menu and there were several things from which to choose for even those stupid vegetarians out there. Plus, they had a "New" item on their Specials board: Vegi Omelette ~ 3 eggs, onions, peppers, mild spices, cucumbers, zucchini, & carrots (served with potatoes and toast); I almost went with this choice as I don't think I have ever had cucumbers in an omelette before. I ended up ordering the Greek Omelette ~ Feta, mushrooms, tomatoes, green onions, and olives[1]; served with choice of toast (I chose Rye for a change) and hashbrowns. I also had a cuppa the house coffee.

The omelette was made with lots of Feta (which I assumed was authentic Greek Feta; none of that fake French or Bulgarian σκατά) and I was very happy to see that it included actual Kalamata olives (none of those plain ol' black canned ones). I think this might have been a little better with red onions instead of green onions, but that is a minor point. The hashbrowns were good and crispy. And the coffee was… well, black (μαύρος) and hot (ζεστό).

For condimentary supplementation (and I have no idea how that portmanteau phrase might be translated into Greek), Peter D's has both Tabasco® Brand Pepper Sauce and Tapatío®. I used a goodly amount of my own Mama Africa's Zulu Sauces Chilli Mint (Thanks, Kerry!) on the hashbrowns and a little Serious Food… Silly Prices Sweet Heat Hot Sauce (Thanks, Cindy & Greg!) on the omelette.

Today's breakfast was à propos[2] of a defacedbook post from an old Air Force buddy ~ that I was stationed with in Athens, appropriately enough (Hey, Bobby!). He had posted a photo of a great looking
χωριάτικη σαλάτα, which included most of the same ingredients as my omelette this morning (χωρίς μανιτάρια, με πιπεριές).

Unabashedly Shameless Promotion of another old Air Force Buddy's 2nd Hometown and 'blog

The very same "Cabin Jim" that had recently provided me with some of my newest hot sauces, has a weekend/vacation cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It is in Luray (pronounced to rhyme with "Hoo-ray!"), VA and is in the Shenandoah Valley, along the Appalachian Trail. Jim keeps a little 'blog of his own that documents life there. ('By the way, Jim was the idiot that finally talked me into doing a 'blog of my own, so 'blame him.) 

I mention all that because there is a little contest going on right now that is being put on by Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine: "2013 Best Mountain Towns". What does any of this have to do with Jim, you, or me? Well, Luray is in the category of "Best Trail Town" and could use all the votes it can get. Now here is the best part of this contest, all you have to do to vote is simply click on the provided link below (and you don't even have to provide any contact information or give up the rights to your first born ~ unless, you really want to; I am sure my mother will jump at that chance). You can only vote once a day (it doesn't state when the contest ends, but just vote daily until you can't any longer). Additionally, you are able to vote once a day per browser; meaning, if you know how to access Microsoft's Intro-Net Exploder and Gaggle's Chromium, you can vote twice a day actually. I have been voting with both of those browsers daily and also with Magilla's Foxfire. If you know of any other browsers, feel free to log-on and vote away with them, too.

Luray is better than stupid ol' Davis, W.VA, any day (and Roanoke, VA is just the "Shelbyville" to Luray's "Springfield")!!! 

"If you be my Arcadian[3] chicken, I'll be your Virginia lamb…"

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: Greek Omelette ~ 6.4 

1. Stupid, useless cunning linguist pointer(s) of the day,
νούμερο ένα:

"Mushroom" = "
"Tomato" = "ντομάτα"
"Onion" = "
"Olive" = "

And, of course, "Feta" is "

2. Stupid, useless cunning linguist pointer of the day, numéro deux/
νούμερο δύο:

Fittingly, "à propos" means "to the purpose" in French; in Greek that would be "

3. See, this was my silly little way of tying together the Greek theme in an Appalachian way.

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