Saturday, July 13, 2013

Tyger’s Coffee Shop

I'm Chenery the VIII… I am?

(No official web-site.)

2798 Diamond Street (on the corner of Chenery Street)

phonicular contact: (415) 239-4060


(I couldn’t find any good tiger-related[2] songs on EweToob, so these will have to do. Besides, what is the difference, they are all large African felines, anyway, right? Plus, noone sings like that Herman guy does.)

I am not quite sure how long Tyger's Cof
fee Shop has been around in Glen Park[3], but I know it has been longer than the 27 years that I have lived in San Francisco. I am familiar with this place as some friends of mine used to live just up the street a bit back in the early 90's (Hey, Bren and Tree!). I think it is currently Korean family owned and operated. At least I hope they were Koreans, as I used one of the only two Korean phrases that I know "Gamsahabnida!" (this is closely enough transliterated for Government purposes), which just means "Thank you!", as I  was leaving. I also understood what was said to me in reply "Annyeonghi gaseyo!", which just means "Good-bye!" (the other phrase I know). So, I am pretty sure I guessed correctly. (You can consider those your "stupid, useless cunning linguist pointers of the day" if you like. I am pretty sure that I have done both of them in the past here.)

Tyger's is only open for breakfast and lunch (and I like that they open up early every day at 7:00am). They offer a pretty decent breakfastary menu. I decided on the Chenery Scramble (when on Diamond Street, do as they do on Chenery Street, of course) ~ two eggs with spinach, tomato, onion, mushrooms, and Cheddar cheese; served with country potatoes (they didn't specify which country, though) and toast (I went with sourdough as my choice of burned bread). The California Scramble also sounded good and was very similar, but with avocado in place of the spinach. I also had a cuppa coffee; it is a "coffee" shop, after all, it says so right in their name.

This was all pretty good. The scramble had lots of fresh (not frozen) spinach and (sorry, Greg) tomatoes (also fresh, not frozen) in it. Whatever country the potatoes were from was very good; these were thinly sliced potatoes and prepared like most homefries, which makes for better crispiocity. The house coffee turned out to be Peerless Coffee & Tea®, and it was made from freshly ground whole beans (I didn't ask what roast or blend, but they told me it was "organic"); this was a very good, strong cuppa and much better than your typical diner-joint swill.

For condimentary supplementation, Tyger's has Crystal® Louisiana's Pure Hot Sauce on all of the tables and they also have a spice rack at the diner-counter that has another 5-6 different brands (I saw Tapatío® and Huy Fong Foods Inc.® Sriracha that I recognized, but there were a few other names that I didn't know). I was actually surprised not to see any Tabasco® Brand Pepper Sauce or Cholula® Hot Sauce, though. I ended up using some of my own Cholula® (Thanks, Brian!) on the scramble mess and some Nando's Extra Hot Peri-Peri Sauce (Thanks, Kerry!) on the homefries.

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: Chenery Scramble ~ 6.0

1. There is no confirmation from the NTSB that one of the pilots of Asiana Airlines Flight 214 was really named "Wi Mo Wei", either.

2. Okay, so I lied:

If anyone is into Alt-Country Rock (or just likes cute gingers), I suggest checking out more songs from Neko Case. She's been a favourite of mine since the early 2000's or so. I finally got to see her perform live at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass two years back.

3. Glen Park is a nice little boutique* neighborhood in the southeastern portion of San Francisco. I call it a "boutique neighborhood" mainly because it is a tiny neighborhood, yet there are a number of nice shops right along Diamond and Chenery Streets. There are three more coffee shops/cafés (one being a crêperie also); un bistro français; a very good cheesy shop; a non-chain book store (yes, there are still a few of them left; so, bite me and Barney's & Ignoble!); una taqueria (La Corneta, which is very good); and a top-notch pizzeria italiana (Gialina, they specialize in Pizzas, and Napolitana-style ones at that, Johnette).,_San_Francisco

There is no relation to the inventor of the Glen Bacon Scale. The surname "Park" just might be in reference to a Korean family, though, Neon.

*(In case you were in the mood for another stupid, useless cunning linguist pointer of the day, sorry, I had already covered this word previously. It has the same word root as "bodega", too.)

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