Sunday, May 3, 2015

Cafe Golo ~ Boutique Cafe

"Then it is dark; it is a night where kings in golden suits ride elephants over the mountains." 
~ John Cheever, A Country Husband

(I should mention here that this is their brand new/first web-site.)

Place: Cafe Golo ~ Boutique Cafe
Location: 1602 Lombard Street (at Gough Street)
Hours: open daily at 8:00am
Meal: Florentine Taters ~ country potatoes scrambled with spinach, sautéed onions, the vile weed, mushrooms, zucchini, (I would just like to point out that they actually included the Oxford comma there, and this place is nowhere near southern England) and cheese; and a Pear-Apple Tart to start (and I also bought a Blueberry-Mango Tart to take home for laters) 

(You are probably wondering "But, Brian, why are you playing Tom Waits songs on Single Losers Day? Aren't Tom Waits songs the traditional songs of tomorrow's holiday, Star Trek Day [aka the Fourth of May Be With You Day]?" It's close enough for gub'mint work; plus, you can only link "Lonesome Loser" by Little River Band so many times.)

Finishing up with the last of my Breakfastary Starting Rotation, I went back to Cafe Golo ~ Boutique Cafe (see last 'blog-entry from January 18th, 2015). Early on a Sunday morning (even if it is a major National Holiday), it is always pretty easy finding a nearby parking spot, and I actually was able to park just a block away down Lombard Street.

I really do like the combination of regular potatoes and sweet potatoes in their country potatoes. There was plenty of other good stuff in it, too. They always have a decent amount of fresh spinach (hence the "Florentine" moniker). There was also a good amount of diced up tomatoes and red and green bell peppers that were not listed on the menu ingredients. Of course this morning, I remembered to order this without any of the vile weed.

For condimentary supplements, Cafe Golo has Crystal® Louisiana's Pure Hot Sauce, Tabasco® Brand Pepper Sauce (Original Red Sauce); Tapatío® Salsa Picante Hot Sauce, and Huy Fong Foods, Inc. Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce. I just used some of my own The Wiltshire Chilli Farm Winter chilli sauce and Mango hot chilli sauce (Thanks for both, Cindy & Greg!) on separate halves of the pile of potato mess. I am almost done with the entire bottle of Winter chilli sauce, there is probably just one more dose in it; that only took about four months to use up. 

I asked one of the waiter-server dudes if there was any word on when Grits was set to open (finally), and he told me that it has been pushed back yet still once again to sometime in the Summer now (it was originally supposed to open in April 2014). He did tell me that Jay is opening a new coffeeshop today over near the Civic Center; the new place is called Caffè Trinity (I don't really know if this is con l’accento grave [è], o no, I am just going with that spelling until I know better). It is supposed to be more of a traditional coffehouse/coffeeshop, but I will need to check it out one of these days.

And, as always, reservations are never needed at Cafe Golo, just a big appetite (and there is never even any attitude served on the side either).

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: Florentine Taters ~ 6.7; Pear-Apple Tart ~ 7.0

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