Saturday, November 28, 2015


Richmond (District) Coffeehouses ~ #15

Place: japonica
Location: 5501 California Street (on the corner of 17th Avenue)
Hours: open at 7:00am Monday through Saturday, at 8:00am Sunday
Meal: Veggie Breakfast Burrito ~ eggs (scrambled), cheese (probably some kinda Cheddar or Jack), potatoes, black beans, and corn; a blueberry-cream cheese Danish thing; and a 12oz cuppa Weaver's® Coffee & Tea House Blend

(I have used a different [live] version of this same song before, but it still applies here as a decent EweToobular juxtaselection. So deal with it.)

Continuing along with the Richmond (District) Coffeehouses series (and also lending support to the anti-Black Friday, Small Business Saturday), I headed back to California Street to check out japonica. There is a distance of nine blocks between this shop and the last one I went to along California Street. While this is within suitable walking distance of my apartment (if a round-trip of about thirty-four blocks or so suits you), it was still a little chilly this morning and I actually drove over there. japonica has been open on California Street now as a coffeehouse for only about six years (they had opened initially in 2002 solely as a plant/gift shop), but this was my first time ever checking them out. I do not think that it will be my last visit.

The coffeehouse area is located in the front half of one of the display rooms (there are two rooms) of the gift shop. There are just three tables at which to sit: one large bench area that could seat eight; one smaller long table for four; and a small half-circle table for two. I didn't really take notes of what exactly else they have to offer in the way of food/breakfastary items, but I did see that they had other breakfast/egg sandwiches and bagels on the menu.

This was easily "My Favourite" Breakfast Burrito of 2015 so far (I think I have only had one other this year, anyway) and is to be duly noted when I make up my "My Favourites of 2015" 'blog-list later next month. What really made this burrito remarkably memorable (or memorably remarkable; take your pick) was that it was homemade (well, coffeehouse-made) and not some packaged deal from a commercial supplier. Plus, the little details make for additional kudos: the potatoes are nicely spiced and roasted before tossing them in with all the other good junk like black beans and (a huge mess o') corn.

japonica exclusively serves Weaver's® Coffee & Tea. I think this may be the first time that I have had any Coffee from this specific (and local) roastery. This was a decent enough cuppa, too.

It was a nice surprise to see that japonica had a small plastic cup of Papalote Mexican Grill House Salsa (Black Label) to offer as a condimentary supplementation with their breakfast burrito. I had no problem using up the entire thing on my burrito. They also sell jars of these (as well as jars of the Green and Red Label versions) at the front counter. I have eaten at both of the local Papalote Mexican Grill restaurants (the original location in the Mission on 24th Street at Valencia Street and the newer location on Fulton Street near Masonic Street) a few times now and already knew their salsas to be both top-notch and flavourful.

This is a very smart idea, having a coffeehouse in with a gift shop. There are probably many susceptible idiots that will find it necessary to browse around and purchase at least one item while there. I would just like to point out that I have much more willpower than the common rabble. However, when I was all done with my breakfast and ready to go I was extremely surprised at how much the entire bill had come to... $135.00 for a breakfast burrito, a pastry, and a cuppa Coffee?! Sheesh! That's the last time I am ever going there 
(... this week), but I highly recommend that everyone check out this cool little coffeeshop/gift shop.

Glen Bacon Scale Rating
Veggie Breakfast Burrito ~ 6.6; 
Weaver's® Coffee & Tea House Blend ~ 6.8; 
Papalote Mexican Grill House Salsa (Black Label) ~ 7.0; 
many, many cool ideas for (Christmasy) gifts ~ 8.5

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