Friday, November 27, 2015

Sandy's Café

A breakfastary roadtrip:
Gilroy, CA

(No official web-site.)

Place: Sandy's Café
Location: 6120 Monterey Street, Gilroy, CA; 
phonicular contact: (408) 848-1200
Hours: open at 6:00am every day of the week
Meal: (Me) Veggie Omelet ~ spinach, mushrooms, and asparagus, topped with your choice of cheese (omelets made with [4] eggs and served with hash browns or fruit and choice of toast or [1] pancake); (Dave) Pancake Sandwich ~ (2) bacon or sausage and (2) eggs on top of (2) fluffy buttermilk pancakes; (Zoey, Nellie, and Comet) Ham & Cheese Omelet (which had to be ordered as a "take-out"; it seems the local Gilroy restaurants frown upon canines dining with peoples); and to drink (Me) a large glassa orange juice, (Dave) a cuppa (with a few refillas) the house Coffee (the girls just got plain ol' tap-water with their second breakfast when we got back)

As has become a Thanksgiving tradition (well, a new one in the past five years or so; no one said it was an "old tradition"), on the morning after Thanksgiving (which for the past five years just happened to fall on a Friday; what are the odds of that?!), I will go out to breakfast with my holiday host to a local restaurant in the Gilroy area. Today, Dave and I went back to 
Sandy's Café (see last 'blog-entry from November 28th, 2014). Unfortunately, Zoey, Nellie, and Comet did not get to join us; they had to wait patiently for their extra holiday treat upon our return.

Sandy's Café has a very nice breakfastary offering. There are several good choices from the Pancackes, French Toast & Belgian Waffles section of the menu (from which Dave had ordered his meal). From the Sandy's Breakfast Specials section, Sandy's Skillet Special (prepared with country potatoes, onion, ham, Cheddar cheese, mushrooms, tomatoes, and green peppers, topped with [2] eggs any style) would have been another nice idea (which I would have ordered without the ham, of course). They have many Outrageous Omelets from which to choose, for example: Chef's Favorite Omelet (tomatoes, onion, bell pepper, mushrooms, sausage, and topped with Feta cheese; I really need to order this one next time); Ortega Omelet (chopped Ortega chilies, Jack cheese, black olives and sour cream, served with fresh salsa); and Aloha Omelet (pineapple, Canadian bacon, topped with both Swiss and American cheeses; this is definitely an "Outrageous" combination, I am not sure that even I would ever try that one, even without the Canadian bacon stuff). They also had a few daily/weekend specials on a chalkboard at the front door; I tried talking Dave into getting the Chorizo Scramble, but he said that he doesn't like chorizo (What a weirdo. Who doesn't like chorizo?!). 

(Ooops! Normally here is where I will have a photo of my meal and, sometimes, my guest's meal. However, I seemed to have screwed-up when taking the photo and had the setting on "Video" in error.)

Here is where it would have behooved me ("behoven me"?) to have reviewed my last visit to this restaurant. I ended up ordering the same omelette as I had last year. However, this year, I had the good sense (actually it was a great sense, if you ask me) to ask for Feta cheese on it. There were two large slabs o' Feta cheese on top of the omelette (here is where I wish I had taken a "photo" of the omelette with which to display it). Normally when you get Feta on/in an omelette at many places, they will go with the cheapo Feta crumblies routine. I chose the pancake option as my side choice (even I can make 
toast at home). Once again, this was an extra large omelette (as to be expected with it being made with four eggs) and a lot of food, because of which, I didn't need to have any lunch today. 

Sandy's Café has both Tabasco® Brand Pepper Sauce (Original Red Sauce) and Tapatío® Salsa Picante Hot Sauce for condimentary supplementation. I just went with some Tapatío® on my hashbrowns.

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: Veggie Omelet ~ 6.5 (this is adding 0.2 points for the abundance of Feta); I didn't bother to ask Dave for the GBS Rating for his breakfast (it was just eggs, pancakes, and dead, decaying porky links, anyway); Ham & Cheese Omelet ~ (gone in) 6.5 (seconds)

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