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cumaica® ~ Artesanos Del Café

Richmond (District) Coffeehouses ~ 23


Please make sure that your anti-virus software is enabled before clicking on the above business hyperlink! 

I am providing their official web-site link here mainly for informational purposes only. This morning when I first attempted to bring up their web-site, my Kaspersky Anti-Virus popped up with the highlighted warning "ACCESS DENIED" and another pop-up stating that there was a "Phishing Link Blocked". I am not sure if it was from the above hyperlink or from the way in which I was trying to enter the web-site [which was via a Gaggle Chromium search and link].

I did another search and entered their web-site from a link on yerp* and no such warning popped up. However, better safe than sorry. 

Thus, you have been duly [or dully] warned, Will Robinson.)

Place: cumaica® ~ Artesanos Del Café
Location: 200 Clement Street (on the corner of 3rd Avenue)
Hours: open daily at 6:00am
Meal: Breakfast Bagel ~ egg and cheese on a bagel of your choice, with added avocado (which was a smart move); a slice/piece of Morning Glory (which is from City Baking Co; this is a bread/cake thing made with raisins, coconut, sunflower seeds, carrot, zucchini, and walnuts[?]); and a small (12 oz) cuppa Cumaica Coffee® House Blend (This blend is a combination of Indonesian and Central American beans, separately roasted for a perfect balance of flavor.)

(Just, FYI: No similar anti-virus caveats popped up when I brought up and linked this web-site.)

(If you liked the first EweToobular juxtaselection, I suggest checking out more of Tanita Tikaram's music on EweToob. She is very good. Some suggestions [favourites] of mine: "Twist In My Sobriety", "I Might Be Crying", and "Dust On My Shoes". 

The second video juxtaselection is from some guy that had some minor success doing movie soundtrack music. If you ask me, he'll never amount to much as a real musician and should just stick to the commercial stuff.)

With this morning's visit to cumaica® ~ Artesanos Del Café, this concludes all of the coffeehouses on Clement Street for my Richmond (District) Coffeehouses series. Next up: westward (Ho!) along Geary Boulevard from Arguello Avenue to Ocean Beach (however, I am pretty sure that there are only one or two left to check out, so it will be on to Balboa Street pretty quickly, too). cumaica® is a local (mini-)chain of coffeehouses; there are four shops throughout San Francisco right now.

This place was a-hoppin' this morning with many locals and others (mainly due to the Sunday farmers market[1] getting started just outside on Clement Street). It is a standard-sized coffeehouse, with seating inside for about twenty; they also have a few small tables outside along 3rd Avenue that seat two to four people.

cumaica® does not really have too much that they offer in the way of food (breakfastarily or otherwisary), but I could have gone with a bagel with hummus and cucumbers (which did sound good if you want a simpler, lighter breakfast). They do have four different pre-packaged commercially-made burritos (like many coffeehouses offer these-a-days) in the front refrigerated case (but just two that would be suitable for stupid vegetarian-types: Spinach & Onion or Green Chile).

Seeing as this is first-and-foremost a Coffee joint, the main focus should be on their Coffee, anyway. They only offer one freshly-brewed roast/blend (House Roast) for standard Coffee drinks, but they do have bags of other blends/roasts of Coffee available for sale over the counter (never buy Coffee from under the counter, trust me on this one). If I hadn't already four (or five?) bags of Coffee in my refrigerator currently, I would probably have picked up a pound-bag of their San Francisco Blend ~ "This blend is made with Guatemala and Espresso blends to yield a flavorful and strong cup of Coffee. Perfectly suited for Espresso drinks." They do also offer many Espresso drink varieties, which are made with their House Espresso (Cappuccino) Blend ~ "A wonderful combination of light roasted Indonesian beans and dark roasted Central American beans. This four-bean blend is separately roasted and blended for a rich morning brew or a strong-creamy Espresso drink." I only mention the Espresso drinks because one of the drinks listed on their (hand-printed) menu on the back wall caught my eye and my fancy (or maybe just my fanciful eye... or an eyeful of fancy): Macciato [ sic (no points are ever taken off for a Tori[2])] de Caramelo

yet still another stupid parklet mini-rant

(and this doesn't even rate another photo of the stupid thing)

This is no fault of cumaica® (I think I had asked them once before and they stated that they didn't sponsor the stupid obstruction), but there is an obnoxiously large parklet just a door down on Clement Street that easily takes up five or six parking spaces now. I would just like to point out that this area of Clement Street is only three (3, tres, trois, tre, drei)  blocks away from a very large public park (Mountain Lake Park in the Presidio) or five (5, cinco, cinq, cinque, fünf) blocks from Golden Gate Park. If you really want people to utilize public parks, just stop with all of these stupid, useless parklets for any of these bastages that are too lazy to get off of their fat-arses while juggling their mobular devices and Decaf-Double-Latte-Macchiatos (which is the correct spelink, by the way) made with low-fat soymilk to amble a simple three or five blocks away!

(okay, mini-rant over... for now)

My choice of bagel this morning was sesame. I am glad I went with the added avocado as it would have been a little too basic otherwise. As with most coffeehouses (with no real kitchen area), the scrambled eggs were of the nukularized version once again. I was happy to see that the cheese was real cheese (Monterey Jack probably) and not that fake cardboard stuff that is usually foisted upon stupid 'mericans.

For a change, I had to wait about five minutes for my cuppa while they were preparing a fresh batcha. The bagel actually came out before the Coffee was even done. This was fine with me, as I was assured of a nice, fresh, hot cuppa. It was worth the wait, too, as it was an extremely nice blend/roast.

I am not sure what cumaica® may have to offer in the way of condimentary supplements; I didn't see any and didn't feel the need to ask for any. I used some of my own Fat Cat Strawberry Serrano Hot Sauce® (Thanks again, Cindy & Greg! I think that there may 
be just one more dose left in that bottle now.) on half 
of the bagel-sandwich and some Dragon Breath Garlic Hot Sauce (Thanks, Mom!) on the other 

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: Breakfast Bagel (with added avocado) ~ 6.2; House Blend ~ 6.9; Morning Glory ~ 6.4



2. That would be as in "Miss Spelling".

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