Saturday, February 13, 2016

Non-Dairy Milk ~ Part 6

beber FRESH almondmilk

This is just yet still another quick li'l 'blog-entry and follow-up to a follow up of a few other previous 'blog-entries regarding non-dairy milk products (see last 'blog entry from June 4th, 2015).

I have been drinking almondmilk pretty exclusively for the past five or six years now and recently discovered another new(ish) brand called beber FRESH almondmilk just last weekend at the Clement St. Farmers Market[1] (after breakfast at Toy Boat Dessert Cafe). This is by-far-and-away the best of all of the almondmilks (and the non-dairy milks) that I have ever tried thus far. It is even better than my past favourite Califia Farms®, which itself is a few notches above the other products that are currently available in the industry.

They currently offer only four flavours: PURE (made with just organic California almonds and purified water; and that is all she wrote); HONEY VANILLA (made with just organic California almonds and purified water + wildflower honey and organic vanilla extract); CHOCOLATE (made with just organic California almonds and purified water + wildflower honey and cocoa); and LAVENDER (made with just organic California almonds and purified water + wildflower honey and organic lavender). I tried all but the CHOCOLATE at the stand in the market, and, as strange as it may sound, the LAVENDER is truly exceptional and was immediately 
my favourite. That was what really twisted my arm (or twisted my tongue, I suppose) into buying a pint-bottle of it and also a pint-bottle of HONEY VANILLA. During the week, I tried both of these in a glass by themselves (well, there may have been a cookie or three involved) and also in the morning on my breakfast cereals. I must say, each of them passed both tests with flying colours. I also discovered that the two flavours combined very nicely together if you want to mix and match them.

They only sell these in two sizes: 1 pint and 1 quart glass bottles. Because these are made fresh weekly in small batches, they must be kept refrigerated and consumed within a week or so.  There is this printed statement on their labels: "Real food doesn't last read long, enjoy by:" with a batch label and use by date.

To me, the beauty of this product is the fresh, simple ingredients. It states right on their label: "unhomogenized", "unpasteurized", "no preservatives", and "no thickeners". You can't get much more simple than that.

I love how they actually have to use the caveat for an allergen statement also printed on the labels (in bold letters, too): "Contains Almonds". Really?!

There are only two problems with this great product: 
a) availability ~ other than the above mentioned farmers market, it is currently only sold at two local stores in San Francisco (and only at an additional four stores throughout the entire State of California); 
b) the price ~ a one pint bottle goes for about $7.00 (yes, you read that correctly: seven dollars; you don't even want to know the pricing for the quart bottles). However, it is totally worth it if you want to splurge once in a while.

Got beber FRESH almondmilk?

Glen Bacon Scale Rating:
beber FRESH almondmilk LAVENDER ~ 8.2;
beber FRESH almondmilk HONEY VANILLA ~ 8.0;
Califia Farms® Unsweetened Pure Almondmilk ~ 7.6; 
Blue Diamond Almonds® Almond Breeze® Unsweetened Original ~ 7.2;
Silk® Almond Unsweetened Original ~ 7.0



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