Saturday, February 6, 2016

Ro Cafe

Breakfast on Geary (redux), Part 28B

(No official web-site.)

Place: Ro Cafe
Location: 2739 Geary Boulevard (between Masonic Avenue and Wood Street); phonicular contact: 
(415) 340-9765
Hours: open at 7:00am every day
Meal: Morning Fresh ~ (a sandwich of) cream cheese, (bell) pepper, onion, mint, cucumber, yogurt; one piece of homemade (coffeehouse-made, whatever) Kurdish baklava[1]; and a small (12 oz) cuppa America's Best Coffee Roasting Company Medium Roast Blend

(Yeah, sure, this EweToobular juxtaselection is a bit of a downer, but there are only just so many good 
"river"-themed songs, and I really couldn't quite qualify linking Bruce Springfield's biggest hit here: 
"I Wish That I Was Jessie's Girl".)

I wanted to check out some other offerings from 
Ro Cafe (see previous 'blog-entry from November 7th, 2015) so I went back there this morning for breakfast.

I still plan on getting back again one day to try their other breakfastary sandwiches (suitable for stupid vegetarians, that is): Avocado Egg (avocado, fried egg, toasted bread) and Sthara (jam, cream cheese, baby spinach, Mozzarella; I am really intrigued to find out just how jam and spinach will combine into a sandwich). 

There are still a few other of their (coffee)house-specific items that I might need to try for lunch or dinner one of these days. There is Kurdish Style Nachos (Kurditos) ~ chips, Mozzarella, yogurt, mint, Ro sauce (which can have chicken or beef added to it for those of you that partake of the dead, decaying animal flesh). And, especially, there is something called vash. The counter(/owner?)-lady was making a fresh batch of it this morning while I was leaving. I forget what is in it, but I do remember her telling me the last time I was there that it is stupid vegetarian-friendly (much like trying to find an English-Kurdish/Kurdish-English translation site, finding a decent Kurdish cuisine dictionary is about as impossible). I really want to get back and see exactly what that is. She told me it can be eaten for breakfast, too.

I also asked the counter(/owner?)-lady if the Kurds also offered a version of Turkish/Arabic/Greek Coffee. She said that they do, and I then saw that it is offered on the Coffee drinks menu. A little later I saw the above picture on the wall. (Can anyone tell me how do you say "D'oh!" in Kurdish?)

(You really can't tell much from this photo. I suppose that I shoulda oughtta probably maybe opened up one half of the sandwich to show the inside stuff.)

I just have two words to say about this sandwich: 

(Okay, for any of you mathematicaltitian-types out there keeping actual count: "Positively absolutely brilliant!")

A Tzatziki sandwich! Who knew?

This was even freshly made; I saw the counter(/owner?)-lady actually dicing up fresh cucumbers and mixing the whole mess together. I was wondering how yoghurt might perform in a sandwich ("That's more messed-up than a yoghurt sandwich!"), but with the addition of the cream cheese, the viscosity 
actually worked very well in a sandwich (and tasted much better than that vile white goop stuff ever does ~ see 'blog-entry from June 6th, 2012).

The Kurdish version of baklava definitely had a bit of lemony flavour to it (as stated on the sign in the pastry window/shelf). I always like baklava and this was a good version. Of course, Kataifi is always the best of all Middle Eastern pastries.

Once again, I didn't bother to check what Ro Cafe might offer in the way of condimentary supplementation. I didn't even bother schlepping any of my own hot sauces with me because I pretty much already had in mind what I was going to order, anyway. Tzatziki and hot sauce might not be such a great combination (and I am almost positive that baklava with hot sauce is never needed). 

Glen Bacon Scale Rating: Morning Fresh ~ 6.7; Kurdish baklava ~ 6.4


1. I had to ask the counter(/owner?)-lady how to say "baklava" in Kurdish. She said it is pronounced pretty much like "balawa", with a "w" in place of the "v".

For what it is worth, there is still no English-Kurdish/Kurdish-English offering on Google Translate.

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