Monday, December 26, 2016

Gallardo's ~ Restaurante Mexicano

Sometimes the "emergency back-up plan" is better than the "originally planned plan", anyway...

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Place: Gallardo's ~ Mexican Restaurant
Location: 3248 18th Street 
(on the corner of Shotwell Street); 
phonicular contact: (415) 436-9387
Hours: (lucky for me) open every day of the week at 7:00am (just possibly not yesterday morning, but I wasn't looking for "un plan de emergencia de copia de seguridad" yesterday morning)
Meal: Papas con huevo ~ scrambled eggs w/ potato (that would be the "Papas" part of the dish name, Ernesto), onion, tomato, & bell peppers, served w/ rice, beans, & tortillas; and a large glassa recién exprimido jugo de naranja

(Today's EweToobular juxtaselection should be quite evident. Marcus Mumford's real first name was "Steven". And everywhere but in England, December 26th is known as "Saint Stephen's Day".

Nah, not really, but the three "Sons" in the band are actually named "Paul", "Simon", and "Art".)

My "originally planned plan" for breakfast this morning was to head back over to ¡venga! empanadas for a quick breakfast of (what else) empanadas... however, when I arrived there a little after 8:00am (which is the time they are normally supposed to be open on a Monday morning), there was no sign of anyone around (and there was also "no sign" on the door stating that they would be closed today in observance of the official Boxing Day holiday, either). So, I figured I would give them at least another half-hour and just walked around the neighborhood checking out any new murals since the last time that I had eaten around those parts (Balmy Alley is just two blocks up the street and always worth a look-see). When I arrived back (much after 8:30am), there were still no signs (or "signs"), so I had to decide on a quick "emergency back-up plan".

It is La Misión, after all, and there are many places nearby that had to be open, even on El Día del Boxeo (o Día de Fiesta Después de Navidad). Thankfully, Gallardo's ~ Mexican Restaurant (see last 'blog-entry from Saturday, July 23rd, 2016) was open for business this morning. Now, this was not a down-grade option in any way; this actually was a much better up-graded option than just having a few empanadas for desayuno.

There are still several otras buenas ideas on their menu that I have wanted to try, anyway: 
(the interesting, if not somewhat scary- and disgusting-sounding) Banana Omelette (filled w/ melted cheese & banana ~ served w/ rice & beans; now, I am assuming that the "banana" used in this is actually "plátanos"; or so I hope); 
Huevos a la Mexicana (scrambled eggs w/ onion, tomato, & bell pepper); 
Huevos Rancheros (fried eggs on a tortilla topped w/ salsa ranchera & Monterey Jack cheese); 
Torta de huevo (scrambled eggs w/ onion, tomato, & bell pepper cooked in a crepe style); or 
Nopales Omelette (filled w/ melted cheese, onion, tomato, bell pepper, & cactus [that would be the "Nopales"]).

The major problem with not knowing that I was going to be heading back to Gallardo's ~ Mexican Restaurant was that I didn't get the chance to check what I had had the very last time that I had eaten there. Because of which, I ended up ordering the exact same thing as my last visit. I am just glad that I liked this dish as much as I did the last time that I had ordered it. After covering the scrambled mess with about half the provided jar of fresh, homemade (restaurant-made, whatever) salsa, the bell peppers and onions in it tasted even sweeter.

(If you would like more details on how much I might have liked this dish, just re-read the previous 'd*mn 'blog-entry!)

This came with six corn tortillas, but they were not the fresh, homemade (restaurant-made, whatever) kind, which would have been mucho bettero; usually, on the weekends, they provide you with the good fresh-made stuff.

I really don't know what Gallardo's ~ Mexican Restaurant might have in the way of bottled condimentary supplements, but it really didn't matter because their fresh-made house (restaurant, whatever) salsa was more than sufficient. It was much more than just "gringo espicy", too. I probably should have tasted it first before dousing the scrambled mess with a large amount, but it was still well within my limits. This morning I did not bother bringing any of my newest hot sauces that I just received for Christmas because I figured that I was just going to use the fresh salsas that ¡venga! empanadas had for use, anyway.

Beforehand (how come you never hear about any "afterhand") in the morning, I made sure to brew me up  a cuppa (well, technically, this was a "drip me down" a cuppa) Bettys Jamaica Blue Mountain, which I had just received as a great Christmas gift (Thanks, Greg & Cindy!!!). This is truly the "Marilyn Monroe of Coffees!"! And its price designates it as such; at today's current Exchange Rate, it is approximately $78.00 (and that is not a typo) per pound (or is that per £?)!

Conclusion: Boxing Day is not an official holiday in Mexico, but must be observed as one in Argentina...

Glen Bacon Scale Rating
Papas con huevo ~ 6.6;
Bettys Jamaica Blue Mountain ~ 8.5

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