Sunday, March 19, 2017


"Deep down in Louisiana close to 
New Orleans..."

(Well, would you believe... way up in San Francisco close to Fisherman's Wharf?)

(There is no corresponding photo of Surisan[1] this morning. It appears that someone forgot to get new batteries for the camera.)

(No official web-site [yet?].)


Location: 505 Beach Street (on the corner of Jones Street); phonicular contact: (415) 771-8449

Hours: open for breakfast Sunday to Saturday at 8:00am; they are closed every other day of the week

Meal: Vegetarian Scramble  ~ Brussel [ sic ] sprouts, red onion, mushroom, bell peppers, jalapeño, tomato, baby kale, and goat cheese, served w/ crispy Yukon (they don't really specify these as being "potatoes", but I don't think they meant "Cornelius"), Popover(!), and roasted tomato; and a large glassa Fresh Raspberry Lemonade

(The first song/video is just a continuation of my paean to Spring from yesterday with another one from Sir George Ivan.

The second song is in memoriam of one of the Greatest Rock-and/or-Rollers of All-Time

So "Roll over Beethoven and tell Tchaikovsky the news"... that "Chucky B. Goode" tonight.

R.I.P. Charles Edward Anderson Berry ~ October 18, 1926 – March 18, 2017.)

I walked past Surisan last Sunday while playing touristing-guide up at Fisherman's Wharf with Greg and Cindy. I liked what I quickly saw of their menu (plus the fact that they open up at 8:00am, which is one of the earlier opening times on Fisherman's Wharf), so I made a mental note ( ~ probably an insane C♭) to return again one day soon and today happened to be that one soon-day. After just this one visit, I am claiming this restaurant as my Best "New" Breakfast Find of 2017; plus, Best Breakfast on Fisherman's Wharf

Surisan just recently opened at the end of December 2016, so it is actually a "New" restaurant for Fisherman's Wharf (and all of San Francisco, I suppose), not just for me. It is owned by the same Korean guy that also owns Sweet Maple, Kitchen Story, Taylor Street Coffee Shop (coincidentally enough, see 'blog-entry from just last Sunday), and possibly one more place (I think that one of the Korean waiter/server-guy persons mentioned another restaurant, but I forgot the name). I was informed that Taylor Street Coffee Shop was their first restaurant opened in San Francisco. The "Millionaire's Bacon" on today's menu was what triggered it for me, and I seemed to remember that it was also a feature on the Sweet Maple menu.

Surisan is a fairly good-sized restaurant with seating inside for over eighty people and additional tables outside (on two seating levels, too) for twenty or so more.

Additionally, Hollywood Café is the brother-restaurant to these restaurants. I say "brother" (as opposed to "sister"-restaurant) because I was told that the owner of that restaurant is the actual brother of the owner of these other four (or five) restaurants. Hollywood Café used to carry the moniker of "Best Breakfast on Fisherman's Wharf" with me, but has now been usurped by its sibling, which always seems to be the way of the World.

This only reminds me that I really need to make return trips to some of these other restaurants again.

The breakfast menu at Surisan doesn't have that many items from which to choose for stupid vegetarian-types, but I did see a few other items that I will need to check out on return visits:

Brussel [ sic ] Hash ~ Brussel [ sic] sprouts, Yukon, bacon, chorizo, onion, mushroom, cherry pepper, tomato, poached eggs, Parmesan (of course, I would have nixed the porky bits); w/ Popover(!) and roasted tomato

Blueberry Stuffed Crunch French Toast ~ w/ caramel sauce (they don't give a description of how this is made, but the name is intriguing enough for me to give it a go; depending on the size of the dish, I would probably also get a side of their crispy Yukon, too);


Hemingway Benedict ~ smoked salmon, avocado, fried capers, lemon, pickled onions, Wasabi Hollandaise; w/ crispy Yukon and roasted tomato (which I would have ordered without the dead, decaying piscine junk; sorry, Ernesto).

(There is also no photo of my breakfast. That someone really got some splainin' to do...)

First off, I am giving them two big thumbs-up for calling this meal "Vegetarian Scramble" (and not that ubiquitously odious "Veggie Scramble") and for not calling their early morning meal "Brunch". I liked this entire dish/meal very much. This was filled (or scrambled) with lots of quartered Brussels [ see? ] sprouts and a good amount of baby kale (which I mistook at first for baby spinach until I remembered the ingredients). You can see just how much there was in there by the above picture... oh, wait...

The roasted tomato was actually a whole half (or is that half of a whole) tomato that had Parmesan cheese and herbs melted on top, probably with the use of a salamander or such. And if your name does not happen to be "Greg Kipe", you would probably like it as a side as much as I did.

The crispy Yukon were really good homefries, too. As the name stated, they were very crispy/crunchy; probably deep-fried and then roasted/dried. They were not greasy in any way (not that I ever have a problem with greasy potatoes, anyway). All on their ownsome, they would probably rate a 7.4 on the Glen Bacon Scale. The above photo does not do the crunchy/crispy factor justice... oh, wait...

Brussels [ see? ] sprouts, baby kale, crunchety-crispety potatoes, AND a Popover(!) (this only came with one Popover[!], but still...)? I can think of only one way that would have made this meal even betta... with Feta in place of the goat cheese, of course.

The Fresh Raspberry Lemonade was a little on the strong/sweet side, but I cut it with some water and that made it perfect.

For condimentary supplements, Surisan had Tabasco® Brand Hot Sauce (both Original Red Sauce and Green Jalapeño Sauce). I used some of my own Punch Drunk Chocolate Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce (Thanks, Sean!) lightly on the scramble mess and some (well, about the amount that you would use ketchup) Emperor's Revenge Teriyaki Hot Sauce (Thanks, Mom!) all over the crispy potatoes.

Glen Bacon Scale Rating
Vegetarian Scramble ~ 7.4 (factoring in both the tasty, crispy potatoes and, of course, the Popover[!], singular that it may have been)


1. Apparently, Surisan (수리산) is a boundary/mountain range between Anyang and Gunpo in Gyeonggi-do, Korea.

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