Thursday, March 16, 2017

Taylor Street Coffee Shop

(Sunday, March 12th, 2017)

(No official web-site.)

Place: Taylor Street Coffee Shop

Location: 375 Taylor Street (between Ellis and O'Farrell Streets); phonicular contact: 415-567-4031

Hours: open daily at 7:00am(-ish)

Meals: (mine) Florentine (Omelet)  ~ spinach, tomato, drizzled with Hollandaise sauce, no cheese, served with hash brown or sliced tomato and toast;
(both Cindy's and Greg's [I think]) Two Eggs Any Style ~ served with hash brown or sliced tomato and toast, Cindy had hers with an upgrade of Millionaire's Bacon ~ thick, free range bacon, baked with brown sugar, cayenne, red and black pepper;
to drink: me ~  a glassa orange juice, Cindy ~ cranberry juice, and Greg ~ a cuppa Coffee (and probably a few refillas)

The last breakfastary stop for the extended weekend was to Taylor Street Coffee Shop (see last 'blog-entry from Saturday, June 18th, 2016). The beauty of this restaurant was that it was located directly across the street (which would be "Taylor Street", of course) from the hotel where Greg and Cindy were staying. (Unfortunately, it was a left turn out the front door, when I had been warning them all weekend to make sure to always "turn right" onto O'Farrell Street whenever leaving the hotel. This being borderline Tenderloin area and all.)

This was another very good offering from Taylor Street Coffee Shop. I had asked for my hashbrowns to be "upgraded" with the added habanero-infused pickled onions; however, something must have been lost in translation (How do you say "Ooops!" in Korean?) and the waitress/server-lady person had them add the habanero-infused pickled onions into the omelette batter by mistake. Now, I am not really complaining, as this turned out to be a very interesting addition after all; I just know that the hashbrowns are absolutely stellar with the habanero-infused pickled onions added on top. To complete the whole "Eggs Florentine as an Omelette impression", I probably shoulda went with English muffins as my side toast instead of my choice of sourdough.

The bacon that Cindy had looked pretty good (if dead, decaying porcine belly strips is your thing). To quote Cindy: "The bacon was good, but I prefer salty". It was made from two extra thick (at least a quarter-inch thick each) long strips of bacon. "Millionaire's" Bacon may be a bit of an exaggeration, but at $7.50 for just two slices, one would probably have to be at least a Hundred Thousandaire to enjoy that side dish every day of the week.

For condimentary supplements, Taylor Street Coffee Shop had Tabasco® Brand Hot Sauce (three ways: Original Red Sauce. Green Pepper [Jalapeño] Sauce, and Habanero Sauce) and Tapatio® Salsa Picante 
Hot Sauce. I thought about using some of the Habanero Sauce on top of the potatoes (to make up for the omission of the habanero-infused pickled 
onions), but the omelette proved to be picante enough for the rest of the meal.

After four days in a row of eating breakfast out, I probably won't be eating another one again... 
until this weekend.

Glen Bacon Scale Rating
Florentine (Omelet)  ~ 6.8 (factoring in the accidentally [but more than welcomed] inserted habanero-infused pickled onions; probably just a 6.6 otherwise)
(Yet still once again, I did not bother to poll the rest of the table for their Glen Bacon Scale Rating)

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