Thursday, June 4, 2015

Non-Dairy Milk ~ Take 5

Califia Farms®

This is just a quick li'l 'blog-entry and follow-up to a few other previous 'blog-entries regarding non-dairy milk products (see last 'blog entry from October 28th, 2014).

I have been drinking almondmilk pretty exclusively for the past four or five years now and recently discovered a new(ish) brand called Califia Farms®. I really do think this is the best of all of the almondmilks (and the non-dairy milks) that I have ever tried. I haven't seen it in a lot of grocery stores yet, but, luckily, my local grocery store (which just happens to be only a block and a half away) has been carrying it for a while now.

I usually will get their Unsweetened Pure Almondmilk. And like most all of the non-dairy milk stuffs, the expiration date on the bottles far exceeds the standard milkcow kind. It tastes just as good in a tall glass to drink as an accompaniment with cookies as it does poured on cereal in the morning. (See, Mrs. Morin, I don't always eat buttered Pop-Tarts® for breakfast.) In my opinion (and my opinion is the only one that I really listen to… well, sometimes), this is much better than both Blue Diamond Almonds® Almond Breeze® Unsweetened Original and Silk® Almond Unsweetened Original.

It is also available in a sweetened version ~ Creamy Original Pure Almondmilk, which is also pretty decent and I will get that whenever the
Unsweetened Pure Almondmilk is not available. However, I still prefer the unsweetened version as it is simply made with filtered water and almonds… and that is all. 

Califia Farms® also offers a line of Cold Brew Coffee with Almondmilk. I am not usually a fan of any of these pre-packaged cold Coffee drinks, but I have tried their Mocha Mexíca and Salted Caramel and was pleasantly pleased with both. Like a good cuppa Mexican Hot Chocolate should, the Mocha Mexíca even has a touch of cinnamon and cayenne (yes, cayenne). Now I am looking forward to trying both their Dirty Chai and Pumpkin Spice Latte.

I love how they have to use the actual printed caveat: 
"Allergen Statement: Contains Almonds".
Well, duh!

Got Califia Farms® almondmilk?

Glen Bacon Scale Rating:
Califia Farms® Unsweetened Pure Almondmilk ~ 7.6; Blue Diamond Almonds® Almond Breeze®
Unsweetened Original ~ 7.2;
Silk® Almond Unsweetened Original ~ 7.0

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