Saturday, February 11, 2017

Mo'z café

"I'm not crazy about reality, but it's still 
the only place to get a decent meal." 
~ Groucho Marx

Place: Mo'z café
Location: 36 5th Street (on the corner of Stevenson Street; between Market and Mission Streets)
Hours: open at 6:00am(???) every day of the week 
(I still have no idea what their actual hours are; their web-site does not state times anywhere; all I know is that they were open a little after 7:00am when I arrived this morning, and that is good enough for me)
Meal: Tofu (Savory) Crepe ~ grilled tofu & spinach (& onions, not listed on the menu, but there were plenty in it) tossed in a peanut sauce, served with choice of mixed greens or fruit; and a cuppa (but only one half-refilla ~ I didn't want to be up all day) the house Coffee 

(What's the EweToobular juxtaselection for this song? Everyone knows that Kevin Roosevelt Moore likes crêpes and Coffee.)

It was another trip downtown to Mo'z café (see last 'blog-entry from Saturday, March 5th, 2016) for breakfast this morning.

Just who is "Mo"? Is that short for "Muhammad"/
"Muhammed"/"Mohamad"/"Mohamed"/"Mohammad"/"Mohammed"/"Muhamad"/"Muhamed"/"Muhammet"/"Buddha"? (Whichever it is, I am pretty sure it is not short for "Moses", Mr. Horwitz.) Next time I visit there, I really need to find this out.

Like a lot of café-joints in town, you order at the front counter/cash register and pay first, then they bring you out the food when it is ready.

There are still a few other breakfast dishes that I could have ordered, suchas: Eggs Florentine (however, I just had different versions of Eggs Benedict over the past few weekends); Belgian Waffle (with fresh strawberries, blueberries and whipped cream); or Italian Scramble (off Mo'z Specials board) (eggs, onion, mushrooms, spinach, Italian sausage, topped with a pesto sauce, served with fruit or salad; which I would have ordered without the dead, decaying, grounded-up porky stuff [I am pretty sure that Italian sausages are haram, anyway], and I bet they would allow me to substitute that boring side stuff with their good hashbrowns, too).

All in all (and probably all halal), this was a very nice crêpe breakfast dish (with or without the correctly added circumflexed "ê"). The peanut sauce was very good and it went nicely with the grilled tofu, spinach, and onions mixture. There was a good amount of cubed tofu chunks inside; I just would have liked a bit more spinach in it, though. The guy at the front counter/cash register (Who I assume is the owner-guy ~ Mo, perhaps?) allowed me to substitute (at no additional charge, I might add) hashbrowns in place of the stupid side choice of either mixed greens or fruit.

The guy at the front counter/cash register also told me that he blends three different roasts of Coffee beans to make his own "house blend". This is a very good blend, too, and I have enjoyed the several cuppas of it that I have had over the past three visits there now.

Mo'z café has for condimentary supplementation Tabasco® Brand Pepper Sauce (both Original Red Sauce and Green Jalapeño Sauce) and Tapatío® Salsa Picante Hot Sauce. I used some of my own 
Pope'sWhiskey River Hot Sauce (Thanks, Amy and Chef Joe!) on the hashbrowns (and, thankfully, I am almost to the bottom of another bottle of hot sauce finally).

Glen Bacon Scale Rating
Tofu Crepe ~ 6.4;
house Coffee (whatever the h*ck it might be) ~ 7.0

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