Saturday, May 13, 2017

Dottie's True blue café

♪ "I like Galettes[1] in May...
How about you?" ♫

(No official web-site no longer.)

Place: Dottie's True blue café

Location: 26 6th Street 
(on the corner of Stevenson Street); 
phonicular contact: (415) 885-2767

Hours: open Thursday through Monday at 7:30am

Meal: Sweet Potato, Caramelized Red Onion & Gruyère Tart (well, technically/culinaristically, this is called a "Galette", but Kurt changed the name several years ago to keep the stupid tourista-types [except maybe those stupid tourista-types from Frenchy-land] from always asking him what a "Galette" was) ~ served with two eggs any style (my style was "over-medium" this morning) & fruit; and a glassa orange juice

(There is no real EweToobular juxtaselection for today's music. They just happened to be playing this song on the house [well, restaurant] stereo this morning, and I felt like including it here. I am not even that big of a fan of ol' Bloodshot Eyes.)

In keeping with my plan to visit Dottie's True blue café (see last 'blog-entry from Saturday, April 22nd, 2017) for breakfast at least once a month for 2017, I did so again this morning.

I was the first person (group or singular) in line this morning, so I got my choice of seating. Once again, I chose "Seat #1" at the corner of the counter-seating area ~ keeping out of the way of any stupid tourista-types... and keeping an eye on the shifty cook-staff.

I saw what I was looking for immediately on the weekend Specials blackboard and did not need to look any further to see what else they might have to offer this weekend. For next month's (my Birthday Month) return visit, I am sure that I will be ordering the exquisitely stellar Zucchini Cakes once again.

I did spy one really tasty-sounding (and, when I saw it in the pastry display-case, it was just as tasty-looking) fresh-baked item on their pastry specials chalkboard at the entrance-way: Peach Streussel Coffee Cake. Unfortunately for me, it was a size big enough to feed two (or three) people. However, if they offer that awesome entry next month, I just might have to gorge myself and order that, too (I can always skip lunch... and dinner).

I have ordered this dish many times before. It had been quite a while since I last did so and I figured it was about time to re-do so. Of course, I liked it very much as always. The ingredients can change seasonally (I have had it with leeks and different types of fermented curd, Mr. Wensleydale), but this combination is always a good one.

Today's fruits du jour: blackberries (not a berry), blueberries (a real berry), strawberries (also, not a berry), cantaloupe (not a berry none neither), red grapes (another real berry), and watermelon (and, as strange as it may seem, this is actually a real berry, too).

Dottie's True blue café offers a wide variety of condimentary supplementation. I simply used some of their Tabasco® Brand Pepper Sauce ~ Chipotle Sauce on top of both eggs.

Up next (hopefully tomorrow on Sunday morning that is):

Back once again to the friendly confines of Miss PeeBee and Jay's place (aka Cafe GoLo ~ Boutique Cafe).

Glen Bacon Scale Rating:
Sweet Potato, Caramelized Red Onion & Gruyère Galette ~ 6.9


1. Stupid, useless cunning linguist/pseudo-epicurean pointer of the day:

"Galette" is the feminine equivalent of the French word "galet", which means "smooth pebble on a beach". So, I am not quite sure of the etymology of how it came to be the name of a type of sweet or savoury pastry.

Hopefully this explanation helps with any stupid tourista-types questions:

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