Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Persy's Place

Wareham, MA
(Tuesday, 05/23/2017)

Place: Persy's Place

Location: 3198 Cranberry Highway, East Wareham, MA

Hours: open at 7:00am every day of the week

Meal(s): (me) Forest Benedict (off their May Specials menu-insert) ~ a grilled English muffin topped with sautéed asparagus, mushrooms, Swiss cheese, with 2 poached eggs & Hollandaise sauce, served with your choice of 2 "Sunrise Sides"; (Sean) Buffalo Bomb ~ a flakey croissant stuffed with Buffalo chicken scrambled in farm fresh eggs, topped with creamy cheese sauce, served with your choice of 2 Sunrise Sides; (Mom) raisin toast;  and to drink (me and Sean) a cuppa Flavored Coffee ~ where we both went for the Gingerbread (because we could) and (mom) a cuppa plain ol' tea (again)

(What's the EweToobular juxtaselection? I have it on good authority that Mr. Sledge was a big fan of asparagus, too.)

With eight locations throughout Southeastern Massachusetts (including three locations right on Cape Cod) and Rhode Island (well, one in East Providence) AND (supposably) New England's Largest Breakfast & Lunch Menu, you would be extremely hard-pressed not to find something good to eat at Persy's Place (see previous 'blog-entry from Thursday, September 12th, 2013). Their location in East Wareham was the prefect place to start the day before heading over to the Cape for a pre-Memorial Day visit to the Massachusetts National Cemetery in Bourne.

Also of interest off their May Specials stuff were:
Caramel Banana French Toast ~ thick cut French toast topped with banana, drizzled with caramel & topped with whipped cream (if I was in the mood for a sweet breakfast, this would have been my choice... probably);
White Chocolate Banana Caramel Pancakes.

Another great thing about Persy's Place is the large variety of Sunrise Sides that they offer:
Persey's Homefries;
English Muffin;
Applesauce (no sugar added);
1 Buttermilk Pancake;
Cinnamon Crumpets;
2% Cottage Cheese (file under "WTF?"; Who goes to a restaurant to order cottage cheese?);
Baked "In House" Toast;
Grilled Cornbread (this is served as a HUGE chunka; I would have ordered this, but I already had the English muffin coming with my meal);
Boston Baked Beans;
Black Beans;
Grilled Tomatoes;
Marinated Mushrooms.

Otherwise, for what they normally have to offer for breakfast, check out their extensive menu yerd*mnself!

Asparagus and Swiss cheese on an Eggs Benedict dish? H*ck, yeah! Count me in on that any day! This had lots and lots of grilled asparagus (and, for which, I am awarding this meal an additional 0.1 points on the Glen Bacon Scale) and real (read: not that fake "processed" cheese slices junk) Swiss cheese under each poached egg. For my 2 "Sunrise Sides", I went with hashbrowns and Boston baked beans (I thought that those would complement my meal the best). 

There is no corresponding photo of Sean's meal (or Mom's toast). Sean chose hashbrowns and a cinnamon crumpet for his 2 Sunrise Sides. ("Hey, Brian! Why are you marking quotationally "Sunrise Sides" for your meal, but not for Sean's meal?!" Because that was exactly how they had it printed on the menu. I am an Intro-Net 'blogger, not a d*mn Intro-Net 'editor, Jim.)

Persy's Place may offer other condimentary supplementation (I really didn't bother to check), but I just used some of their Huy Fong Foods, Inc. Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce on my hashbrowns.

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Glen Bacon Scale Rating:
Forest, Forest Benedict Gump ~ 7.1;
Buffalo Bomb ~ 6.7 (per Sean's knowledgeable GBS input);
Flavored Coffee - Gingerbread ~ 6.8 (this is solely my GBS rating, I didn't ask Sean for his input)
(neither of us bothered to ask Mom what she thought of her raisin toast and tea, though)

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