Sunday, January 8, 2017

Baker Street Bistro

Plus ça change, plus ça la même Pain Perdu...

Place: Baker Street Bistro 
Location: 2953 Baker Street (between Lombard and Greenwich Streets)
Hours: open for "Brunch" Saturday & Sunday at 9:00am
Meal: Pain Perdu - a brunch favorite! ~ two slices of cinnamon French toast, fresh fruit, strawberry coulis & crème fraîche; a side of home fries; and a large glassa orange juice

(I figured a couple of meteorological EweToobular juxtaselections were in order for such un Dimanche sombre.)

To continue with the new year, new early-season work-out of my Breakfastary Starting Rotation, I rotated back over to Baker Street Bistro (see last 'blog-entry from Dimanche, 25ème Septembre, 2016). Thankfully, there was a bit of a détente in this morning's pluie diluvienne (however, the wind was still proving to be a bit of a holdover in the agreed upon abatement of climatic conditions). I was even lucky enough to find a parking spot just a block away right on Baker Street (just across Lombard Street) itself.

"Best bite of the year..." 

Do I really need to say any more? (Sure, this was only the third breakfast ["Brunch", whatever] out for 2017 for me, but I know that I will be hard-pressed to taste a better bite all year, anyway.)

Les fruits du jour: oranges (oranges), ananas (pineapple), mûres (blackberries ~ pas une vraie baie), framboises (raspberries ~ aussi pas une vraie baie), bleuets (blueberries ~ une vraie baie), cantaloup (cantaloupe), pommes (apples), et pastèques (watermelon ~ aussi une vraie baie).

For condimentary supplements, Baker Street Bistro just has bottles of Tabasco® Brand Pepper Sauce (Original Red Sauce) on the tables. That is okay as I still have a few more new hot sauces of my own that I need to check out (and try to use up ~ probably by sometime in the year 2019). I used some Dat'l Do-It® Spicy Jalapeno Hot Sauce[1] on half of the potatoes and some Dat'l Do-It® Scorching Habanero Hot Sauce[1] on the other half of the potatoes (Thanks for both, Mom!). Neither one of these were mucho espicy (and have no chances of killing any poor, unsuspecting Korean busboys). I remember when there was a time (about twenty-five years ago now) when I thought that habanero chillies[2] were the hottest that I could handle. However, with the Advent (and I am using this word dans le sens religieux) of much hotter chillies in the 21st Century ~ exempli gratiā: Ghost Pepper/
Bhut Jolokia/Red Naga[3]; Infinity Chili[4]; Naga Viper[5]; Trinidad Moruga Scorpion[6]; and now the dreaded (and completely stoo-pid) Carolina Reaper[7] ~ I have become more climatised to habanero chillies and can take a bit more pain (as in the English word for "misery/suffering", not the French word for "bread").

(not so much a) the Wild Parrots of San Francisco Interlude

Once again this morning, I did not see any of my feather-brained little friends. Hopefully, they were smart enough to just stay safe from the rain and wind, and hunker-down in their roost among the tall eucalyptus trees in the Presidio.

Glen Bacon Scale Rating
Pain Perdu ~ 8.2 (bien entendu)


1. This is pretty funny. The "Nutrition Facts" on both of these bottles has "Serving Size 1 tsp". Now, I don't see any problem using one teaspoon of the much milder jalapeño sauce (I probably did so this morning), but I can't see many people using a full teaspoon of the hotter habanero sauce (I probably used one-third that amount).

Additionally, the jalapeño sauce has a "% Daily Value" of "Vitamin C 10%" and the habanero sauce has a "% Daily Value" of "Vitamin A 2%". I don't expect anyone to go out and use ten teaspoons of the jalapeño sauce to get their required daily percentage of Vitamin C; it is much easier to drink some orange juice. And I really do not think anyone will consume fifty teaspoons of the habanero sauce just to get their daily requirement of Vitamin A; trust me, just take a one-a-day vitamin pill, it will be much easier on your tongue and stomach-lining.







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