Monday, January 2, 2017

the Bistro Restautant at Cliff House

Place: the Bistro Restaurant at Cliff House
Location: 1090 Point Lobos (at the end of the Earth/Ocean Beach, "Where San Francisco Begins")
Hours: open for breakfast Monday - Saturday at 9:00am, Sunday at 8:30am
Meal: Classic Eggs Benedict ~ poached eggs, Canadian bacon (which they were nice enough to substitute with spinach instead; so, technically, this was a "Classic Eggs Florentine"), toasted English muffin, Hollandaise sauce, served with fresh fruit and roasted potatoes; a glassa grapefruit juice to drink; and, of course, a basket (or two) of (World) Famous Cliff House Popovers(!)

Knowing the improbable cromulence[1] of finding a decent restaurant that might have been open on New Year's Day, I simply forewent going to any place yesterday and just waited until this morning to venture out for my first breakfastary repast of 2017 at 
the Bistro Restaurant at Cliff House (see last 'blog-entry from Sunday, August  14th, 2016), which ended up being the exact same place that I also went to first in 2016 (and on the same date, but it fell on a Saturday last year). Surprisingly, there was quite a crowd waiting to be seated when they had first opened this morning. (Did everyone have Monday off?! D*mn touristas!) They almost filled up the entire joint immediatley. Luckily, I was still able to score one of the window tables overlooking Ocean Beach, though.

There were no surfers or porpoises in sight this morning on or off Ocean Beach. There were only a few brave dogs and their silly humans frolicking along the beach (well, some were also frolicking into the water). I only saw one solitary pelican flying over Seal Rocks, too.

I liked that they offered to substitute spinach for me in place of the dead, decaying porcine stuff from the Great White North. Eggs Florentine are not even listed on their menu, and this was made with a nice amount of fresh baby spinach.

Black-eyed peas and collard greens might be a Southern New Year's Day tradition, but it seems that (World) Famous Cliff House Popovers(!) are now my San Francisco Day-After New Year's Day tradition. There were only two (World) Famous Cliff House Popovers(!) in my first basket, and I knew that would never be enough. So I asked for another (World) Famous Cliff House Popover(!). I was just expecting only one more, but there were two in the second basket, which I made sure did not go to waste. This actually turned out to be fortuitous as they were also still warm and fresh and much better to melt butter on. ("Get 'em while they're hot, folks!")

Today's fresh fruits were: watermelon (a botanical berry), honeydew melon, cantaloupe, grapes, and half of a large strawberry (not a botanical berry, though).

the Bistro Restaurant at Cliff House only offers Tabasco® Brand Pepper Sauce (Original Red Sauce) for condimentary supplementation. Knowing this, and knowing that I have so many new hot sauces of my own that I haven't tested yet and need to try to use up, I brought along two of my newest bottles and used some homesweet homegrown® Punch Drunk Chocolate Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce[2] (Thanks, Sean!) on top of both of the poached eggs and some 
Pepper Palace Chocolate Habanero Hot Sauce[3](Thanks, Cindy & Greg!) on the potatoes. (With all these new [and old] hot sauces that I now have, it is going to be hard to remember just who gave me which hot sauces.) Do not let the "Chocolate" moniker in the names of both of these hot sauces fool you into thinking these must be some kinda sweet dessert-style hot sauces. The "Chocolate" in the first one was just a small amount of raw cocoa in the ingredients. In the second one, the "Chocolate" refers to the Chocolate Habanero chilli, which is just a dark brown cultivar of the standard Habanero chilli. Both supplied a nice amount o' heat.

Strange Coffee Interlude

Much like the inordinate amount of hot sauces that I had received for Christmas, I was given six different types of Coffee for gifts. Because of this, I have been eschewing any Coffee at the restaurants and making some of my own Coffee to drink while keyboarding up these 'blog-entries. This morning, I cooked me up (well, "dripped me down") a cuppa Colectivo® Coffee Seasonal Costa Rica Santa Maria (Thanks, Kerry!). This was a very good cuppa, too. I think I should be able to use up most of the Coffee by Summer of this year (which will probably be only the half-life of all the hot sauces) at least.

Hollywoodland Spotlight of the Day

Today's Hollywoodland Spotlight is on actress Ruby Catherine Stevens. It seems that she appeared in a few movies back in the 30's, 40's, and 50's and might have had a minor roll in a 60's western TeeVee series. (If you have never seen the Preston Sturges screwball comedy "The Lady Eve", check it out. She absolutely steals the movie from Jane Fonda's father.)

Glen Bacon Scale Rating
Classic Eggs Florentine ~ 6.5;
Colectivo® Coffee Seasonal Costa Rica Santa Maria ~ 7.4;
(World) Famous Cliff House Popovers(!) ~ 8.2


1. Yes, this is a completely madeuppery word, but I am just amused how this word has actually found its way into the current-day 'merican lexicon by way of 
the Simpsons cartoon show.

Much like Seinfeld had several catchphrases (exempli gratia "Anti-dentite b*stard", "Sponge-worthy", "Soup Nazi", and "Shrinkage") work their way into everyday usage, the Simpsons has also colourfully peppered the English language with everything from "D'oh!"s to "Kwyjibo".

See, it is possible to embiggen your vocabulary from TeeVee and the Intro-Net.



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